Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I love Lucy.

Yes, this is Lucy.  I can't in all good conscience call her "Also" anymore.  She is too sweet.
She just got back from the vet's yesterday, and now we know why she is SO SO THIN.
She had a tape worm.  As disgusting as it sounds, they are quite common, and the cat gets them from ingesting a FLEA.  
So no matter how much she inhaled the food I gave her, she never put on any weight.  She is in solitary right now, in the front bedroom, with a cat bed, a REAL bed, a litter box, and food.  We go up every now and then to give her love.

But yes, you guessed it, she needs a forever home.   And since I have 'drawn the line' as my DH suggested, four cats at Crazy as a Loom is enough.
This is one sweet girl, and I hope someone claims her.

Today L and I  took our most recent order to the Parish House down the road, to take pictures of it before we sent it out.  There is no place in the studio with that much floor space.......too many looms it seems.
When we got there and got it laid out, HORRORS.   We realized quite immediately that the middle section was upside down.  The blue in the rug was laid into the shed, in "slubs", and on one side, they were very visible, and on the other, not so much.  I have to take full responsibility.....I did it.

After some grumbling, we did the right thing.....painful as it was.  We took it apart, flipped the middle piece, and started over.  Went back to the studio, got the needles, the thread, scissors, etc, and we sewed that bad boy back together, again.  The right way.
Measured it.  Perfect.  Took pictures, here they are.

These were the customer's color choices, just so you know.  This is the 21' runner.

L and I rock when it comes to big rugs, just sayin'.  This one measures 12'x14.
The seams are wet, where we PRESSED them, so the color looks different, but only temporarily.

Now on to a stair runner, in the same colors, with a curved landing. Actually, two curved landings.

Yeah.  Pray for me.


linda said...

My best friend drew the line at NINE cats. Lucy looks like a skinny version of her beloved Emma Bean, who has been in cat heaven for many years.I wonder if she'd consider a tenth?

I hear you on the rug. That's a huge amount of work! Interested in seeing a curved runner!

Deb said...

Yes, I hear ya too when it comes to cats. You have to consider that they do need love and attention and the cost of caring for cats is not cheap. I hope Lucy does find a wonderful home but that you will care for her until that time. The shelters everywhere are bursting at the seams.
You do some amazing work with these rugs. Lovely.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

She's a beautiful girl, I'd bet money she has found her forever home :)
I'm sure she'll put on weight now the worm has been taken care of !
A beautiful the colors.

claudia w said...

Great rug! That things HUGE!!!
Sweet kitty. She'll find a great home, thanks to you.

WeaveThings said...

Wow, what a little cutie Lucy is. She'll find a good home in no time.

LOVE love LOVE the rug! Love the colors too. You do an amazing job!


Anonymous said...

Lucy is a sweetie! Thank you for taking such good care of her. Did you see the news blurb this morning about the janus cat Frank and Louie? Loved the story and thought Frank and Louie are one beautiful cat. Bless that lady for taking him in.

The rug is HUGE, nice work!

Karen said...

I am having trouble leaving comments here for some reason. So glad Lucy is "in", and she looks so very happy. Here's hoping you find a good home for her soon. I'm still talking her up.

That large rug had to be an awful lot of work...
beautiful though!...

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Lucy is gorgeous and she should fatten up now that she has been treated. I have three cats-- all indoors most of the time-So glad we finally got a king sized bed because it was getting really crowded with the snuggly kitties!

Susan Harvey said...

Aw Hilary... Lucy is just too sweet to say no to!
She clearly likes you and wants to be there :)

The other felines will adjust to the reality.

I think of the ones you have helped to food, water and birth control that don't give you a look back...
... and then there's Lucy.

(GBS) NewsFromTheHill said...

Lucy looks like a sweetie!
I'm in love with your rugs.... I see one in my future when the new house gets closer to completion!!!

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts