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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Trivial but necessary.

It's been a whirlwind couple of weeks.   Maine seems far off, and long ago.

When life changes, it takes a bit to regain your balance.

But life goes on.    One day at a time, I tell myself.

You remember Next???  He was the tiger stray cat that we caught most recently.  We took him to the vet, he was neutered, we let him go, and he ran away as fast as he could.  Haven't seen him for a few months, but just last week, he reappeared.  He is staying in the barn, and eating on the porch.
Then, as if by magic,  this one came along.
While Next is pretty wild acting, this one, whom we have named "Also", is craving attention.  She is bony and thin, but she is lovable.

I wait until I see her each day, then I take her out her very own can of cat food, while my cats GLARE at me out the window.  They do NOT get canned cat food, per the vet.

One of these days soon, she is going to the vet, and if she isn't neutered she will be.  I wish, though, that I could find a home for her.  She doesn't want to be out in the barn, she wants to be curled up in the living room chair.  And when winter comes, she will like it less.
If I bring her in, Sydney will have a cow.
She has made her dislike quite well known, from the window.

You wanted to know about my lens....well, my camera is a Nikon D40, and I just recently bought a new lens, a Tamron 18-270mm.    It allows me to use one lens all the time, without changing lenses, and still have great zoom capability.
Like this shot of a brazen, bratty wood chuck eating bird seed next to my neighbor's back porch.

And still get a good close up of a little visitor we had today, who looks like she is getting ready to weave, or maybe she is going to check L's weaving, with that tape measure in her hand.

Yes, I love my new lens.  L likes it, too.  She took this shot.

I stopped at a garage sale this past weekend, all the benefits were going to Pediatric Cancer.
I found this purse, and I totally loved it on sight.
Look closely, you will see a lighthouse, upper right.
I looked at the tag, and it says, Your Maine Bag.
See me smiling.
Made my day.
Just that little thing.

I have made a promise to myself that I will no longer carry any bag bigger than is small, but big enough for my wallet, my datebook,  my phone, and a few other very small items.  That's it.

So back to the business of weaving.  Actually today, I was playing a little, just because it felt good.
I think I've become fairly astute at recognizing when I need to do just that.

These are place mats, in a log cabin pattern....easy to do, and totally feel good.  I am really liking them.

Today was a good day, maybe tomorrow will be, too.

The philosophy of mine earth can be summed up as this:  Sunshine creates happiness, and I create myself.  Nights are long and life is predominantly good.  Wind is refreshing.  Tea is wisdom.  Do the best you can, and be good to yourself so that you can above all be good to others.  ~Jessi Lane Adams

And with that I will say Good Night.


Karen said...

I do wish the Dh would let me add a cat to the household again. Our last two, rescues which we had for 15 years - brother and sister, who died within months of each other!... were a bit destructive around the house and so he swore off cats, even though he did love those two.

She looks so sweet, wish I could help. I'll ask around though.

Deb said...

Those are some lovely photos, Hilary. I'm glad you are pacing yourself more. It sounded like you were drowning in work awhile back. Can I give you a bit of advice on the kitties....dry food is what makes cat fat. Since I have my cats on moist food with just a bit of dry they are looking and feeling healthier. Dry food is sprayed with fat to get your cat addicted to it. It is full of carbs and a lot of fillers. All brands have carbs. Go to a high end moist food and your cats will do great and love you for it. Our daughter's cat Hugo is now diabetic because of his weight and our vet blames the dry kibble. No more for him and he has a gorgeous coat now and is much slimmer. Deb

Anonymous said...

You are a true cat whisperer and a great weaver. Love the log cabin placemats and the colour is reminding me of holidays.

You and L seem to have great times working together and I am totally envious of you :-)

WeaveThings said...

"Also" is a cutie pie! And I love the log cabin place mats. Oh, and I just took a Pumpkin Blueberry Pound Cake out of the oven. It's cooling now. I can't wait to get that glaze on it and eat some - with a huge glass of milk! Thank you for that recipe.

Country Girl said...

I like your moon shot.

Reena said...

So glad you are concerned for the kitties! Hope she can find a home before winter.

Connie in Hartwood said...

Are you sure Sydney won't just pout for a while and get over it? I know we can't keep them all, but this one appears to be speaking to that little voice in your gut. What a sweetheart!

MarthaVA said...

Also Kittie is beautiful. I am glad she likes loves. Hope you find her a good home.
Love the log cabin.
Love all the photos. I'm going to have to look into a new camera. I love photography but have cheap camera. Not good for great shots like yours.
Thanks for sharing.
oh, love the Maine bag too. Great find!

Divine Theatre said...

I posted photos of kitty on my blog. We WILL find her a home! God bless you, kind soul.


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Because every thread counts