Wednesday, September 21, 2011

We all have a flat side.

I love autumn.
All these pictures are right out of the camera, these pumpkins are so gorgeous, they need nothing at all.

They are right around the corner from the studio.  Not all of them are out of the field.  There will be 300 or more when they are all lined up.
I don' think there is anything as vibrant and colorful as a pumpkin.

As I was walking around looking admiring them all, I noticed that they weren't all perfect.

Hard to believe, right??

The field is muddy, from the rain, so the tractor is necessary to transport them.

The work that went into growing these beauties covers months.

I would love to put some of these on my buckboard, but everyone says they would get stolen, being so close to the road.

They would look so nice though, and I want to think that people are good.

Gourds are kind of like people, aren't they??
It's amazing, really, how there can be so many differences in one species.
Knobby, smooth, green, yellow, striped,  all different shades and shapes.
Crazy beautiful, right?

Pumpkins though, are all the same color, just different shapes.  Still they seem to have different personalities.
Or is it just me??
But look at them!

They seem to be quite pleased with themselves, don't you think?

Kind of looks like graduation day, doesn't it?

But did you know, that as beautiful and colorful as they are..........

as bright, as engaging as they can be.......

They all have a FLAT side.
Yup, tis true.
Where they were laying on the ground, while they were growing, getting beautiful, they got FLAT on one side.

I think that pumpkins are much like people.   Beautiful, colorful, the same, yet so different,
full of possibilities.

But no matter how extraordinary, we all have a FLAT side.

Maybe that's what defines us, after all.


Anonymous said...

I am sitting on MY flat side as I type this.

claudia w said...

I am sitting on my I mean flat side as well!
Love the pictures. Our pumpkins are all green and orange this year. We didn't have the weather they needed to turn completely orange. This will make for a more interesting bunch of jack-o-lanterns!

fiberdance said...

I can relate-a flat side, and a "fluffy" side-it describes me to a Tee! Thanks for the chuckles and the vibrant pictures. I love Fall.

Sharon said...

I love this time of year. It's my season. I have pictures of all my children with pumpkins - they're irresistible.

Hilary said...

Fun food for thought. ;)

Connie in Hartwood said...

Hilary, dear, you are a very talented, and very profound, person ... you know what, don't you? Most folks fight to hide their flat side. Those that embrace it are happier, I think.

Beautiful photos!

Rain said...

How can anyone not love the color orange!! Perfect!!

Karen said...

Love this post, Hilary - the pumpkins are beautiful, the sentiment so right on - and you know, sometimes the flat side is the one that's showing... too bad we can't all see the beauty on the other side of something that on the face is less than perfect.

Get the pumpkins for the buckboard. So far, no one has touched mine, right near the road also. Alittle faith, a lot of beauty.

Anonymous said...

Go ahead and put some pumpkins in your buck board, they will look so vibrant and pretty. We want pictures when you do.

Flat side, hmmmm I don't like to think of my flat side as a bad thing, just a thing that is....

Lili said...

You have that unique sage wisdom and zany fun package all rolled into one! I just love my visits over here. ~Lili

Kerry said...

Well, I'm flat on top, round on the bottom...umm...maybe that's not what you meant here.

You are the pumpkin queen today!

Cricket said...

Interesting moral to the story. Lovely pics and writing, and congratulations on your potw.

Re: people being good... I always thought, when I saw smashed pumpkins in the neighborhood, that the local kids must have been up to no good. Then, one year we got loads of pumpkins as gifts for some reason. That fall, it seemed everyone who came to visit brought us a pumpkin.

So we had a bunch, and I decorated the back porch as well as the front. Anyway, one day, as I was sitting at the table with my coffee, I saw two squirrels team up and push one over and down the stairs to smash it, then they ate the seeds.

Kind of made me rethink all those smashed pumpkins.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts