Sunday, September 11, 2011

At last, Acadia.

I was not leaving Maine without going to Acadia, even for just one day.
Finally, we got there.
Armed with my map, I am ready to go.

The kids loved the pond, but hey, we're in Maine!!!  Where's the ocean?  Where's the beach???

So we went to Sand Beach, in the park.

My three darlings, soaking up the sun.  What would I be without three daughters, I can't imagine.

We had packed a lunch, and drinks.  We didn't hear much from the kids all day.  They were too busy with the ocean.

Two boys, two girls.  Once again, I've been blessed.

We were all  having a great time, when suddenly, everybody was yelling:
I kid you not.
At first, I think a lot of people thought it was a joke.
But it was NO joke.

Are ya kiddin' me??????  A shark????   In Maine????
It was for real.  He swam back and forth, while everyone watched from the shore, then he swam away.
After a while, everything went back to normal.

Sand Beach is really beautiful.
On a hunch, I bought this pack of ducks in the drug store, I think it had 10 ducks in it.  $9.99,  50% off.
The girls played with them all week.  Proof to me that sometimes, parents try too hard to please their children with expensive toys.
Some sand, some water, lots of sun, and 10 yellow rubber duckies made them very, very happy.

I hope you're not sick of Maine yet.  I only wish I could go and stay for a month.   I am thinking next summer, that we should do just that, DH and I and Roy.  Let the kids come visit if they want.
Ah, to be in Maine for a month in the summer, sounds like heaven to me.

The waves began to come in pretty heavy,  and the real fun began.
C'mon in.  The water is fine.

By the way, I used to be as thin and trim as my middle daughter, yes, once, a long time ago.
I think I was 12.

Oh, and by the way, if  you're stupid enough to wear your old and worn jockey shorts to the beach, BEWARE, cause I will take your picture.


I love Maine.


Anonymous said...

Hilary, Go to Maine, if you must, with Bill and Roy for a month next summer..Maybe then you will get it out of your system, NOT!!!!! Sdyney will have her small travel carrier all packed and ready for you three to pick her up on the way thru Kingsbury. Me i get the whole Studio to myself for a month Yeehaw!!!! L.

Anonymous said...

Wearing his jockey shorts as swim wear, really! Now that is a first for me, I wouldn't have thought anyone is that self is all I can say. As a northern girl who was raised on the Great Lakes I have enjoyed seeing all your pictures of Maine, very different than I expected. Glad you so enjoyed your summer vacay - you deserved a pleasant ending to the summer.

Bonnie said...

Looks like he has on a speedo or g-string under the jockey shorts. Yes, thank you for sharing the pictures, it is beautiful there. I also love your new web pictues. I hope that you leave it.

Kathy said...

I NEVER will get tired of seeing your photos of Maine. We were at Acadia/Sand Beach in 2010 and it is the first time my husband went in the Atlantic Ocean. He won't swim at the Jersey Shore...icck. Our dream is to move to Maine. DS is there and other son is in VT. SOMEDAY. SOON, I hope! I hope your husband is feeling better. And listening to the Dr and his NURSE and will follow instructions!

SD Sue said...

Please keep your Main photos coming, it is a dream of mine to go visit Maine some day and do just you did while there, ENJOY IT! Some day the SD girl will go North East.

Fragrant Liar said...

Those photos were great! I especially love the last ones of the kids in the surf. Really sharp images. Nice. Looks like everybody had fun.

Donna said...

Your post is the first thing that's made me smile all day! thank you for that - and for the gorgeous pictures.

Deb said...

These are great photos, Hilary. I really love the ones with the can almost feel it. I hope someday I can take a trip like this with my grand-daughter. She's only 16 months right now so I'll wait a bit. Looking forward to seeing some of your Fall rugs. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

Rain said...

Glad you enjoyed my home Hilary !!!! Everyone should come and visit--it's well worth the adventure-way up north........

Sharon said...

Wonderful - thanks for taking the time to share all those photos. It reminds me that, yes - life is good.

Karen said...

Hilary, you're looking pretty trim yourself!... LOVE these photos, what a great time was had by all.. memories to cherish forever. And DO take that month next year, there will surely be no regrest. In Maine there are many rentals that allow dogs, it's a dog friendly state as you know.

OH, that Blue green water. and OMG the SHARK???... ACK!

KarenInTheWoods said...

Oh such a wonderful adventure! Your grandchildren pics are amazing and you can see the love and contentment in all your photos (except the underwear one) LOL

Karen and Steve
(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

Country Girl said...

I have never seen waves that big at Sand Beach. Oh my gosh! And the water is freezing! Amazing that you saw the shark.
The photos with the waves are gorgeous. I love them! As for spending an entire month, I have always dreamed of such a thing. There's no way I could take off an entire month of work to do it though. But hey, you might be able to!

Anonymous said...

Ummm, does Doofus have a a turd in his britches?

Oh, and your family is gorgeous! How proud you have to be of those beautiful daughters of yours for heaven sakes!!

Corie said...

Hillary!! Awesome pictures:) I smiled the whole way through your post.....I oculd almost feel the sun and smell the ocean!

Lili said...

I swear I even heard the pounding surf sitting here looking at your images. Ain't it the truth about the simplest of toys being the most entertaining. We grammas just know that. And oh the last pic, yep things like that are likely to be seen in the summertime here. But not so much the shark sighting, that had to be a little unsettling, glad you caught a shot of it though. ~Lili

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