Saturday, September 10, 2011

Don't tell me it's not fair.

We thought a little local flavor would be fun, so we trucked on over to the opening night  of the Blue Hill Fair.

The first thing we saw as we walked through the gate were these motor scooters.
Ah, a flash from the past!!!  When I was 17 years old, I had an old Vespa motor scooter, and my father painted it hot pink for me.
These are Vespas too, aren't they awesome???
Do you think DH would kill me???
I remember how much fun it was to speed around on.  Back in the day before crazy was that???

I tried to get the kids to go with me on this ride, but not one of them would.

We were just in time for the pig races.
Woo Hoo.

This little guy looks ready.
Let the race begin.

This was just about all the excitement we wanted anyway.

Ava is ready, too, in her Hello Kitty hat.

The piglets are raring to go.
You weren't expecting anything deep here were you???

This little guy was cheering them on, his joy was infectious.

And they're off!!!!!!!!

I know that there are a lot of blogs out there, that have a lot of interesting conversations, with meaningful rhetoric.

And sometimes, you will hear me rambling on about the meaning of life.

But most of the time, to be truthful, I just don't have time for it. 

Life is too short.   I have so much I want to do, that I don't want to spend too much time trying to figure  out why life is what it is.
Does anyone know, anyway?

Sometimes, life is just like a tilt a whirl.

Sometimes,  I feel like a pumpkin.

Then other times, I feel like life is a ferris wheel, with sparkly lights.

Then sometimes, don't you feel like someone is shooting at you???

Maybe high fiving your dog is what life's all about.

I will tell you this, I really WANT this pink Vespa.
It moves me.......deeply.

I know that this has been a tough week, in so many ways.
I'm pretty tired.

I am grateful to have this awesome vacation to look back on.  It gives me hope that there are more good times ahead.

This too shall pass, right?

OK, maybe I AM too old for a hot pink Vespa, but I know that this blue and white one would be PERFECT.
Much classier.  For a woman my age.

Age is a matter of thought.
And I don't want to think about it.


Deb said...

Hilary, you must get that pink Vespa. We have one in the shed that my son is planning to fix up once his hand has healed. It belonged to my father-in-law and the kids have great memories of riding around on the back of it (on the lawn, of course) They had a few acres so it was a hoot! I love this post after reading so many sad ones recollecting the horrors of 10 years ago. Thanks for a bit of a lift. I hope your husband is improving each day. It sure is an eye-opener when someone so close falls ill. Good thoughts for him and your mom. "Hey, Roy"

hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

Rain said...

Hilary--I don't believe you were here-I've been coming here for 50+ years!! And if you remember stopping by the big tent with the various farm animals-some of them were mine-it was my niece and sister-in-law-Terry who have this tent--Zuckermans Farm- it's called-and all but this year I have been there helping them with it!! Small world--I'm glad you liked the pig races-proves all's well with the world! haha--we must keep our sense of humor at all costs!! Next year maybe--"see you at the fair"!! And YES get the vesper!!

Michaele said...

This is an awesome post. Excellent photography and color. I loved that you took us along.

Marsel said...

If you're going to get a Vespa, I say get a pink one and live large!!!

Anonymous said...

Just go buy a Vespa.... I've even thought of it myself. HA... guess age makes us a bit crazy.

Teri said...

Life is definitely like a tilt-a-whirl.

Country Girl said...

Oh my gosh, Hilary. You really need to get the Vespa. I would love one but there's really nowhere to ride it here. Maybe if I lived in a town . . .

Your fair rides are wonderful. I have never been to Blue Hill (can you believe it?) and now I really want to go.

linda said...

Say yes to the hot pink Vespa!

Cait Throop said...

OMG I agree!! Say yes to the pink Vespa! hahaha! And so true, your thoughts on life--hope your husband is improving, too.

Delighted Hands said...

The siren call of the Vespa is whispering my name, too, so go ahead and get it! We will all be happy for you! Glad the trip is just perfect!

Frank's Corner said...

Great photos! I have an image of a group of women on their vespa's roaring down Main Street USA. Mine is the RED one. The package arrived here safe and sound and soon Madeline and I will be starting our rug. Thank You SO MUCH for bringing this colorful project into our lives! candace

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Because every thread counts