Friday, September 4, 2009

When I grow up........

Today Logan needed a hair cut.
Hmm, he doesn't look enthused, does he?
Or maybe he is just ann0yed with Mimi and her camera.
That is some wild hairdo though, isnt it?

Ava is looking disinterested. She isn't sure if she might be next.

OOH! Check out that scowl in the mirror!!!!
Yikes. Mr. Cranky Pants!!!
It looks good, it really does. You can smile now.
Ah, back at Mimi's, playing on a pile of selvedge bags, that improves our mood.

Haircut? What haircut?
Meanwhile, someone thinks the loom is a HAMMOCK.
Wait, is that a bird?????
When I grow up, I want to be..........
It grew out of the pile of composted dirt I had delivered....and it has fairly taken over....I expect the shed to be sucked up soon.

But what is it? And does it have time to be whatever it is going to be ........before the frost appears on the pumpkin?
Oops, bad choice of words?
These are the fantastic doors my husband built on the barn. They are perfect. He did a great job. And he only swore, well, a couple a times.
Fabric room on the left, barn storage on the right.
Barn still standing.
High cranberry bush in the back, "kiss me over the garden gate" in the front.

And the weaving weekend has begun!!!

Or....weaving boot camp as my husband likes to call it.
Busy, busy, busy at Crazy as a Loom.
It's been another long day.
Sweet dreams.


Gail said...

Is it a bird house gourd? I love gourds!

Restless Knitter said...

I was wondering if it's a gourd too.

Thank you for all the funnies in your post. I needed to giggle a little :)

T said...

He looks so handsome with the haircut!

Great post - that last picture is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

WOW... great looking barn doors! *gives you husband a high five* Awesome work!!

Snappy Di

Theresa said...

Beautiful doors for the barn. I bet it makes it a treat to even walk by and see them.
It does look like a busy day there, cat's on looms and all, and an awful lot of fun.

Hilary said...

Great post. I love the scowling face. You had to hide your giggles. :) Kitty on a loom is adorable too and that's fine-looking barn and door.

Sharon said...

I see you also have a weaver's assistant. Funny and busy post - love your grandkid's haircuts and laughed at only a couple of swear words during construction of the barn doors. There's more than a couple here!

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Because every thread counts