Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Too funny

A few days ago, I got this email. It isn't unusual that some foreign maker of cheap rugs contacts me like this.
I had to share this with you......because it had me giggling quite uncontrollably.
Here goes.........

hi there,
we are manufacturers of Hand Wooven Rag Rugs. Plz take a look at our website ................... we can make your job very easy by providing you your desired Rag Rugs. No doubt we are much experienced and offering a lot at very low prices and capable to supply bulk quantity.
Hope you will not ignore my offer and check my prices.
Looking Fwd,
Adnan Amjad

And I very politely answered:

Thanks, but I make my own rugs.

He comes right back with this:

thanks for your reply. but you can sale more rugs than only the one,s u make.

Still being nice, I say:

I hear what you are saying, but my rugs are made in the USA, by me, one at a time. That is what matters to me, and to my customers.
Thanks anyway.

So he says:

thats wht u think otherwise u can sale my rugs also as u r an american ???? wht u think ??

So I thought that was that.....I didn't answer him.
Then tonight I got this one, which tipped me over.
Pretty funny stuff.

i am drunk and answering ur mail plz dont ignore. we can make business. dont ignore my ooffer or if u get an order of bulk. u cant fullfill tht seperateely. but i can
regards Dani(adnan amjad)

I bleeped the name of the web site, don't want to start a war. But this was just too much. Rugs made in Pakistan, by people making pennies a day probably.
I would close my doors first.

Went to my zumba class today, I am TRYING. I really am.
It was fun, hard, fast, sweaty.
I liked it.
My titanium knee did not.
Pictures next post.
I promise.


Anonymous said...

Total crack up on the rug e-mails... "I am drunk" LMAO



Delighted Hands said...

Can you believe it!?!

KarenInTheWoods said...

Oh gosh, Hilary.. you are toooo funny! I get them sometimes too, but I have never answered one. You sure take the cake! hahahah heeeheeehee

Theresa said...

That is funny. He's certainly persistent!

bspinner said...

What a hoot!!!!! He was drunk and admitted it. Who in their right mind would do business with some like that?

Gail said...

AT least he admitted it!

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts