Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Taking care of business

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I have no idea what this is......but there are a bunch of them right behind my barn. I let them grow because they looked so stately. But now they have these little saucers appearing on them, and I have this need to call them something.
Any ideas?
I couldn't resist this birds at the feeder, and Jinx is looking miffed, indeed.
This is what I accomplished yesterday and today. Six blue jean rugs going to Ohio. I hope the customer likes them. I used a mixture of dark and light jeans. I think they are way more interesting than all light, or all dark.
But that's just me.

My new thing is that I have joined the Y. Again. I say again, because I joined two years in a row after my total knee replacement, mostly to use the pool. Unfortunately, I didn't feel up to using the other facilities available. My husband reminds me of how little I used it.

But this year, I am not working as a nurse NO MORE. Sorry.
I get carried away. I like the ring of that......nursenomore.

So, I have made a commitment, to myself, to do something for myself that matters. Something that ultimately makes me feel good. Even though at times it may be painful.
I am going to learn the Fit Lynx apparatus tomorrow morning at 7:30am, and then next Tuesday, I start a Zumba class. It is restructuring my time a little. Taking an hour a day, for me, for my health.
I can get to the studio at 9 or 10 in the morning. Or I can leave at 3 or 4 in the afternoon, instead of 5.
I do this for me.
And now that I have told you, I can't make any excuses, or you will be disappointed.
Don't lie. I know you will.
I will try not to disappoint you.

I started some very blah cream colored placemats this afternoon. They scream organic. I am not sure why I started them, because I really have other stuff to do.
But maybe if I just make ONE placemat a day........I could squeeze some in.

When I talk about family problems, I don't want you to think it is MARITAL.
Oh, Lord!
No, my husband is a keeper. Took me way too long to find him to let him go. If he gets out of line, I will just have to whip him into shape. But never get rid of him.
Besides, he's learning.

Tomorrow, first order of business, clean off the desk. Pay the bills, Organize the paper work.
Then back to the loom.
This is my favorite time of year.


LA said...

That mystery plant is a "pokeberry" or at least that's what we call it in East TN. Those berries will be PURPLE and the birds will eat them and then you'll have purple **** on your car and your house (or anywhere the birds have been.) My advice is to CUT them down NOW!!! Also, the seeds in the berry will be spread by the birds and you'll have lots of pokeberry plants next year! And so the cycle goes!
How are your gourds doing? You might be making bird houses next.
I love the new rugs!

Hilary said...

You are right on....I just looked it up, and that is exactly what it is.

Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

Love the rugs. Don't disappoint now. (I'm saying to myself 'Look whose talking!'.

That plant, btw, is beautiful, but I don't know the name.

Anonymous said...

It is poke weed and the Declaration of Independence was written with with the juice of it's berries, which is why it is often called Inkberry. Many a Civil war soldier wrote home using the ink from these berries also.

Wikipedia also says that a good brown dye can be made from the berries and you dye the fabric in a pumpkin. I thought sometime I would try it with some wool and then weave something up from it!

Jaimie in Evanston

Candy Duell said...

You have so much info in this post.
Your rugs are beautiful, I love the dark and light. I also belong to the Gym, but don't go nearly enough. Since I love place mats, I think that is rather nice.
Enjoy the gym, I always do after I go, I feel really good.

Delighted Hands said...

The plant is indeep pokeberry-the birds will love it but it can get over exuberant! Love the jean rugs......the placemat is beautiful even if it is subdued compared to your usual work! The gym is a good idea if you want to do it; I tend to be allergic to rigid exercise programs!


I'm in love with the rugs, simply beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Pokeweed indeed. Can be quite a pest. Also called poke salad (as in the old song, Poke Salad Annie). We used to harvest mountains of it for RNA studies.

Hilary said...

Why RNA studies??? You have peaked my curiosity!!!

bspinner said...

I used pokeberries to dye wool once and it faded. Probably was just me.

Joining the Y. Good for you!!!! We all need to think about ourselves first once in awhile.

Love the jean rugs!!

Nancy said...

Love the jean rugs. You did a great job with the light and dark.

Jennifer said...

We call it Poke Salad in SC - but here is more info if you are looking

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Because every thread counts