Sunday, September 13, 2009

Being a good girl

Are you serious??? I don't think I have ever qualified for that title.
But today, I am trying to actually take a day off. And that does give me some points towards being good.
I am a self proclaimed workaholic. Don't tell me you didn't know.

First order of business, helping with the pool cover. Not my favorite job, but it went OK. And it's done. Which is huge.
But in a way, it always makes me sad. The end of summer, you know.
Then I took my mother to the grocery store, another job well done.
Not much rest yet, you say.

I took a quick trip to the studio, to feed the cats, and to check on things, but came right home.
I am taking the day off, remember?

This yarn has been sitting around the studio in beautifully packaged kits for childrens' hats and such. I bought them for my grand opening 4 years ago.
They didn't sell, even though they were cute as anything.
I got sick of seeing them there, so I took all the yarn and put it in a bag, and threw out all the instructions and wrappers.
It is now sitting next to my chair in the living room, and I have another plan for it, something way more fun.
Every time I take a break, or relax after dinner, I pick some up, and crochet these little squares. Eventually, I will have enough to make a little quilt, or something.

My youngest daughter and her boyfriend came for dinner. She saw me making these colorful little things, and she sat down and crossed her arms.
She said, "Mom, can you do this?"
I said, "What?"
She said, "This. Sit still, and do nothing. Can you do it?"

I put my yarn down, crossed my arms, and sat very still for a minute.
Then I said........
"No, not really."

Found this awesome recipe over at Smitten Kitchen for pumpkin black bean soup.
I shouldn't tell you this, because I didn't tell my husband that it had pumpkin in it, nor did I tell my mother.
They wouldn't have eaten it ......
But guess what, they both loved it!!! So much for preconceived notions.

It was delish, and it is all gone.

Usually when I decide to take a day off from weaving at the studio, I cook. That is my idea of relaxing.
A little butternut squash, some fresh salad, a portabello mushroom with sun dried tomato/feta cheese stuffing, and some zucchini with onion, tomatoes, garlic,black beans and brown rice.

And a little dessert......strawberry decadence.
OOH, Baby. ( my husband's comment)
That's it. I took a day off, and that is big news around here.
I have to say, it was kind of nice.
Maybe I should do it more often.


Hilary said...

Oh yum! Do me a favour on your next day off.. and invite me for lunch. That all looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Ooh baby on that dessert is right! Hey everyone.... it's a party at Hilary's house!!!

Delighted Hands said...

I related to this post-except for the cooking part! lol The granny squares will be so nice in an afghan-great way to use up the yarn!

bety said...

Next time you take a day off let me know, I have some really great wine to go with all that cooking, you made me so hungry!

India said...

So you do grandmothers squares. We call it that in Sweden when you croche such squares and than put them together. It is "mormors rutor" = grandmoters squares!

Sharon said...

That dinner plate is my kind of meal - looks yummy. I know what you mean about just sitting. My mother was forever telling me to sit still - I couldn't do it then and I haven't perfected that art yet.

Country Girl said...

This was all accomplished on a day off? Damn, you put me to shame.
Those little squares are really cool.

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Because every thread counts