Crazy as a Loom

Friday, March 1, 2013


I kept busy at the studio all week, trying to ignore the weather, and the headache.

These shuttles came in the mail.
I outdid myself this month.....bought a loom, an AVL wheel winder, and MORE shuttles.
Time to cool my heels and pay the taxes.
Gees Louise.

The weather is wearing thin...........gloominess, and gray, day after day.  We need some sunshine.  Please.

I try to get through one day at a time.   I have my methods.  Weaving, sewing, knitting, reading, scrabble online.  Those are my favorite ways to spend my time.  My least favorite is laying down  with my eyes closed with heat on my neck. 
It's sometimes a necessary evil.

Why can't I just do this all day????


Loomatic said...

Thank you for the video. It sounds like music to my ears.

Hoping nicer weather heads your way :-)

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Oh my gosh, Hilary. It's it interesting how we are all so different? That would drive me bat shit crazy if I had to do that all day. LOL! I would have neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, and all kinds of other pain. I love the beautiful things you make, but I am definitely in the category of buy, not make:-)

Anonymous said...

No temple, eh? I can't decide to use or not to use.... Your energy amazes me!

Lorraine said...

Absolutely hypnotic to me (the video) glad you can get lost in the magic and motion of weaving! Just hope that it is not the root cause of physical and repetitive stress. We all sacrifice for our artistic passion! The act of creating and the creation...equally beautiful! Weave on!

Connie in Hartwood said...

Your attitude is inspiring! The video ... fascinating.

Country Gal said...

Awesome video ! What an art . Your work is wonderful ! Some times things just have to be done a bit at a time . Hope the weather is good to you ! Have a good evening !

Country Girl said...

All those foot levers and you know which ones to push all the time . . . very interesting. I've never seen this before and have been coming here for quite some time. My wish for you: sunny skies and clear head.

Pat Mofjeld said...

Hi! What is the plastic pinchy thing that you fasten the tape measure along the selvedge with? Can't quite see what it is but it looks like a good idea! Thanks. Pat

Anonymous said...

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Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

I love the sound of a loom.
One of the things that drew me to weaving.
Question - where did you purchase your Eastman cutter? I've been looking online and really want to save up and get one. Sure would save my hands from all the cutting I do!

Anonymous said...

Great video. Hope the weather clears so your pain will ease up. Cheers

moosecraft said...

Great video! Looks so relaxing and a mesmerizing rhythm... We are finally having some sunshine today... I hope you are too!

Anonymous said...

Cute little loom, which make is that one? 21" Dorothy?

Daryl said...

why? because you pushed yourself too much too soon ... gah

so what happened with that MRI? results? hello????

Peg Cherre said...

I've thought about whether I should send this comment or not. I read you every day and love hearing your thoughts, as well as seeing your weaving. When I watched this video I thought you might want to know about how Laura Fry, Susan Harvey, and others hold their shuttles. It's all about minimizing strain on shoulders and neck, as well as arm and wrist. Perhaps you'll want to try it as you work to improve your neck situation. Laura has a few videos on YouTube and some posts and more videos on her blog. I have found this way of throwing the shuttle (which I had held just like you do) to be much better, easier. You might want to try it.

Laura's blog is and you can scroll down her topic list to get to throwing the shuttle. She's been very willing to have online discussions with me about this and other technical issues.

P.S. Since I've never used ski shuttles or rag shuttles I don't know how the techniques translate to that world.

Hope the MRI comes back soon, and with good news!

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts