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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Weather or not.

The weather persists.  Today it's raining.  Unfortunately, low pressure to my head is low pressure.

First thing on my to do list was a trip to the printer.  They have all my printing stuff on their computer, so a phone call or an email is all they need.  
What and how many.  And then I pick my order up.  They are Kingsbury Printing and they are awesome.

In my present state of  blahdom, I set myself small goals every day.  Otherwise, I feel that I would fade away.
One of them this week has been two towels a day on my point twill warp.
Which involves winding some spools.
If I've learned one thing at CAAL, it's that the right equipment is mandatory.

I discovered that instead of my previous treadling sequence, 87654321, 8765678765678, 12345678.....which requires some thought.......I can do a simple 123456787654321.
And this is what I get.
And I like it.
And it requires very little thought, in fact almost none at all, as my feet have quite the memory, it seems.

 With any luck, the loom will be empty so that next week, we can play with the AVL wheel winder.

My next small job/goal was fabric prep.  In the attic/loft, there are many containers of fabric.  Most of them are ready to weave with, but there are a bunch few that are NOT ready for anything.  They are small pieces, large pieces, that need cutting into strips, so they can be sewn.

 Every day this week, I have done a little sorting and cutting.
Here's a bag.

And here's what it looks like all cut up, and ready to be sewn. Thank goodness for my electric Eastman Chickadee cutter.

Eventually they will hopefully look like this...........

And then I came home early.
Even I have my limits.   I know, right?

And besides, I was anxious to get back to my knitting anyway.

I just finished this sweater last night. I've been working on it too long.  It was time.
Do you love it??  OMG.  I do.
And my BFF gave me a book and some yarn for my birthday.  BFFs sure do buy the best presents.
Roy is counting stitches.
Roy.   ROY.

The yarn is Sirdar Snuggly Crofter, Baby Fair Isle effect DK.   It only LOOKS like you are brilliant.
Beautiful yarn.

 So let it rain, I say. 
But please, weather gods, send a high pressure system, with lots of sun.
Thank you.


Deb said...

Aw..that sweater is adorable. I'm in baby mode as I have just learned I'm going to be a Nana again. :)

Cait Throop said...

I love your point twill warp, Hilary! And I think I'm getting another loom...a 36" Schacht for a donation to our art council (haven't figured out how much to "donate" yet). And where on earth am I going to put it?? I'm hoping for some high pressure for your head!! And yes, that sweater is adorable...

Country Girl said...

I love the baby sweater. And that yarn! Oh, so cute.

Country Gal said...

Oh WOW ! You have been busy ! all Looks wonderful I do like that baby sweater so cute ! Some yearns are so pretty now and feel soo soft ! Thanks for sharing your wonderful work with us. Have a good evening !

Anonymous said...

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Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

The Eastman cutter is on my wish list along with an cloth advance for my AVL.Both of which will have to stay there till I can afford. Will be curious to see how your new toy works out.
I don't knit and I don't have grandchildren but that little sweater! Oh how sweet!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I wish was wee enough to wear that darling sweater!

Daryl said...

that yarn is wonderful, the baby sweater is adorable and i hope the weather gods are nicer to you soon .. xo

Lydia La La said...

dear Hilary, you are one persistent woman! You work through good days, bad days and really bad days. You done write boring posts either!

Hope relief come ASAP for you and give that Roy a bit of a prod to get him to roll up those fabric strips for you! Take care. xo

Anonymous said...

Oh I know! We could all use a week of sunshine. Winter be gone!!

That yarn is simply the cutest I've ever seen in a baby sweater. You always choose things that are just right. :)

Hilary said...

Wishing for much better weather to come your way. I so love the colours you work with.. whether weaving or knitting.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts