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Monday, February 4, 2013

This day

Monday.  February.
It's only four weeks long, and that means spring is closer than ever.

Roy and I walked 3 miles this morning, and even though it was only 23 degrees, by the time I got home, I was sweating in my down coat.
Still, I'd rather be sweating than shivering.

I have decided to weave "container rugs" for February.  They are my faves, and the cotton rug shelves do need to be plumped up a bit.

Here's my first one.


 And here's my second.

I have to 'stay in the day'.
I can't worry about tomorow, or next month, or next year.
It doesn't work for me at all.
Today?  I can do today.  I know for sure that I can handle today.
So today is where I want to be.
 On the manageable page.


Deb said...

I truly think that is good advice for all of us, Hilary. We get too caught up in tomorrow and it can really affect today. Cute rugs and so happy to hear you are out again with Roy. Give him a hug for me. Hugs, Deb

Country Girl said...

I admire you and that's a fact. I love your attitude. I love your work. I can't tell you this enough.

Country Gal said...

Lovely work ! Glad you had a nice walk with Roy , nothing like getting out and enjoying fresh air ! Have a good day !

Anonymous said...

Today is enough. And your rugs are proof of this.

moosecraft said...

Oooh! I love that second rug! :-) Spring is coming soon! I'll enjoy today... by thinking of Spring often! lol!

Daryl said...

go with the flow .. thats my motto

Unknown said...

I go day by day too. One day I will have tons of energy, so I try to make good use of it, because the next day I usually feel like a slug.
Why are they called container rugs?
They're very pretty.

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Because every thread counts