Crazy as a Loom

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Everyone kept telling me that yesterday was going to be clear and sunny, so I should look forward to it.  I didn't have much faith.
News bulletin:  my head is not impressed with 3 hours of partially sunny/clear/cloudy 40 degrees, followed by supreme overcast conditions almost immediately.
It doesn't work for me.
I need the skies to clear.  I need the clouds to move on out, and the sun to shine.  That's when my headache is doable.
Heard from the doctor's secretary, who said he JUST read the MRI on Monday, was out of the office on I am hopeful to hear sometime this week.
And tis true, if I was in DIRE condition, he might have called me on his day off. 
Imagine that.

My faith in people is somewhat suffering today.
On Sunday I found a dobby loom on Craigslist, close enough to go fetch, and reasonably priced.  I have always thought I should have one.
So I emailed the lady back and forth, told her I POSITIVELY wanted it, when could I pick it up?
She said Saturday.  I arranged to call her Monday evening to get directions and time and such.
Well, Monday was not a good headache day.  So at 10:30 that evening, I realized I had not called her.
In a panic, I emailed her at 10:36, apologized, said I would call her Tuesday evening, reiterated that I wanted the loom, offered to send her a check to hold it.
So Tuesday evening, I called.  No answer.
This morning, I get an email.

I received your phone call.  Unfortunately, I waited Monday until 9:00 pm for your call.  Since I didn't hear from you, (and I don't know you), I then went ahead and made arrangements with someone else for Saturday.  If for some reason this doesn't work out with her, I will contact you next week to see if you are still interested.
Best of luck.
Well, that just plain sucks.


Dogs don't do that to you.  Cats don't either.  You can depend on them being who they are, no games.
And while I am fuming on the one hand,because I was SO adamant that I wanted it, and since all my emails have my web address on the bottom, so I am easily identified as an "acquirer of looms" on the other I am trying to process the thought that it probably wasn't meant to happen, for one reason or another.
But she could have called me.  Or emailed me, and asked.
I just don't understand people.  I really, really don't. 

So I did errands, walked Roy, and went to get my overdue inspection taken care of.
And as I sat there knitting, waiting for it, the tech came out and said, "Can you come into the shop for a minute?"
I said, "This isn't going to be good, I can tell."
And it wasn't. 
It took $900  to pass inspection.  Four new tires and an alignment.
 I didn't need a loom anyway.
But boy, does my car ever ride nice.



MarthaVA said...

See, everything does turn out for a reason. Might not be the waymwe want it to turn out...
Hope the doc has good news.
P.s. maybe you need to move to Arizona?

claudia said...

I drove an hour an a half to buy a loom from some people on eBay. I paid them the money all up front and got directions to go and get it. It was hotter than Hades when we went and it was a miserable drive, but since a loom would be coming home with me I was excited. They were going to have the loom broken down when I got there so all I had to do was load it up and go. It was still sitting in their garage fully assembled when we got there. They had labeled the parts for me though. So I thought, oh well, they want me to disassemble it. After we talked for a while the wife went into the house, the husband went in and brought us out cool water. Then went back in. I'm thinking okay, these people are strange. Then the husband comes out and says, we don't want to sell it anymore. I told him, Sorry sir, but you've already sold it. You have my money. He said will I'll send it back to you, and I will pay for your gas and inconvenience. I told him I was not leaving the driveway until I had the full amount I had paid for the loom in my hand. He went and go the money, and paid me an extra eighty for my gas and time...

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

I answered an ad recently for a free or minimal cost Norwood loom. They just wanted it to have a good home and moved out of their way. I was the first to answer the ad but they decided after advertising it to give it to a friend. Why didn't she give the friend first choice before placing the ad??
For a lot of weavers there are stories of almost had another loom but the people were thoughtless and/or stupid!
When the time is right you will get a dobby loom.
Keep wishing you would feel better. Gotta be an answer somewhere. Keep searching - don't give up!

the wild magnolia said...

happy news about your car, the ride. not the $900.00.


your loom will happen. don't give up.

Country Girl said...

Hilary, reading this I saw that everything did turn out the way it was supposed to and some day, I have a feeling that you will get a dobby loom. And it will be the perfect one for you. Here's to the promise of sunny skies. xo

Hilary said...

What Kate said!

Roy looks like he's hearing you say more than just "phooey!"

Peg Cherre said...

I agree -that loom was not meant to be yours. When your loom comes around, it will come home with you.

Anonymous said...

Yes, as Kate said, things turn out as they should sometimes. :)

Karen said...

You see? it wasn't meant to be.

We've got snow. *sigh* Do you? sucks. just that.

Daryl said...

i think things happen for a reason .. the car needed work, that loom wasnt meant to be yours .. there's another one out there waiting for you ...

KarenInTheWoods said...

Ahhh that loom was all dry rotted wood, bend metal, missing parts that are unavailable and not even working right so that is why they were selling it. Right? It helps to think that way, and makes ya feel better!
Karen and Steve
RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

Cait Throop said...

Boy I wish your head felt better, Hilary!

Anita said...

I would have been frustrated, too. However, like everyone else said, maybe it wasn't meant to be.

I hope you don't have anymore expenses for your car anytime soon!

I've enjoyed my first visit to your blog. :)

Welcome to my world.

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Because every thread counts