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Friday, December 21, 2012

Looking ahead.

Lake George.
I grew up on this lake, on the northern end.  That's important, because the south end of the lake is busy and commercial.  The north end is not.
This view looking south down the lake was taken from one of my favorite hikes, from Record Mountain.
It's private property now, and the owner does not want people up there.  It's all posted.
How sad and selfish to keep this view to yourself.
Somewhere I have a picture of a regatta right out there in the middle.    It's the kind of place you can sit all day, with the sun shining down, the breeze on your face, and the quiet.
I know, cause I've done it.
I always said that when I died, I wanted my ashes thrown to the winds, right here.  Now someone will have to trespass to give me that wish.
Not that one of my kids wouldn't do that for me.  They would.

 But I'm not thinking of heading anywhere any too soon.
At least, I'm hoping not.  I have too much I want to do.  It feels good to look ahead, to anticipate my life.  I didn't do it for a long time.

Someone commented some days ago, that I shouldn't look at the "weather index" in case I might give myself preconceived notions about how bad my headache would be.
Actually, just the reverse is true.  I wake up, and I KNOW what the index is.  It seems to be whenever a low front brings rain or snow.  It rained all night, and I woke up about 5am, and I knew.
Sure enough, I checked after I knew how bad a headache I had, and I was right, the index was a 10.
But then, as the day went on, and the wind blew the front on out, my headache got better.  I just this minute looked, and voila, the index is getting lower and lower.
Weather forecast, anyone?
Now that may not sound very important, but believe me, it is.
For over 10 months, I was at the mercy of a relentless headache with no rhyme or reason. 
NOW, I have a headache that makes sense, and most of the time, a headache that is so dull and unimpressive, that sometimes, YES IT IS TRUE, sometimes, I forget about it.

 And besides, I can't go yet.....there is all this color to weave.
Lord have mercy.
Can you believe these colors?  Don't they make you want to dance or something?

 I think I will call them "Fiesta Towels", that 's what they make me think of.

I must admit, I do not hand sew the hems on these towels.  I know some people do.  They are better than me.  I sew them on my machine, then throw them in the wash.
I take them straight out of the dryer, and fold them.  I do NOT iron them.
I am ANTI IRONING.  I only do it under duress.
And besides, something about ironing a dish towel sounds funny to me.
No offense, if you like doing it.  I just don't.
So far, 8 towels off this warp, and hopefully 12 more to come.
I am already eyeballing the colors I'm going to use next.

I guess it might be called "warp envy".
It's all good.


Lisa B said...

Are these towels for sale? My daughter would love those colors. I'm glad you're getting a handle on the weather side of your headaches. Knowledge is a powerful thing sometimes. Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh... that is selfish of him to own that view!

I'm in love with the color combination on these towels. They make me happy just looking at them. :)

Country Gal said...

I think the craft you do here is wonderful . Hope the air presser keeps at bay for you . Have a wonderful day !

Susan said...

My ears are burning.... were you referring to me?

I only iron towels to make them pretty to would be buyers.... Like a dangler fish! I never iron my own :)

It is so darn good to see you weaving again and with minimal head pain once again...

Merry Christmas Hilary... from Susan and Bruce over at Thrums

Restless Knitter said...

Well Hilary, I normally agree with just about everything you post but I do have to disagree a little today. My husband and I have actually discussed this before, because there is land around us that is private property, and it is posted to keep out. He said if he owned that land, he would let anyone on it that wanted to be there. I countered that I didn't know if I would. Not everyone is courteous and appreciates the land. They leave trash, start fires, and destroy property, and some harm the wildlife. It's hard to know how to balance. What's the use of preserving the view if no one gets to see it? But if you let just anyone run around in there, they don't necessarily take care of it and there won't be a good view anyway. I guess my disagreement is that it's not necessarily selfish, though maybe it is but for the right reason.

rosek1870 said...

oh Hilary I grew up there too! We went every summer when I was young. My dad's parents owned a house in Cleverdale and my mom's family has a house about 2 miles north of that. My Aunt and Uncle owned the Wayside Inn in Bolton's Landing 30 years ago. You are so right the southern end has become way to commercial and the north side is amazing. When my dad's parents first built the cabin Grams and her kids would come there from Albany for the summer and Gramps would take the train on the weekends and be picked up by a horse and carriage and taken out to the cabin for the weekend or vacations. I remember a basket on a pulley to haul groceries and suitcases down from the road. Oh how I miss it there.

Thanks for the memories and have a blessed Christmas and a happy, healthy 2013!


Anna M. Branner said...

These towels make me think of Mardis Gras....and if it were me weaving they wouldn't be finished until then! You are a speedy weaver. :) So glad you head aches have a "pattern" these days. Who knew that would be a blessing??

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

So glad to see you weaving again!!
I can see your happiness in the colorful towels!

DJan said...

Your beautiful dish towels are perfectly named, they make me feel a fiesta coming on! I'm so glad you are getting better, and although I don't comment on every post, I read every one and delight in your continued recovery. :-)

moosecraft said...

That is a beautiful view! I had one similar when I was growing up. We vacationed on Crystal Lake in Barton, VT. I would hike up to the cliff and stay there all day. Read some, nap some and just stare and daydream.... it was heaven. The prettiest time of the day was dusk. The lights turned on in the cabins and the fog settled in purples between the mountains and hills.... I need to go back there for a visit... thanks for bringing that memory back today! :-)

Suzanne said...

WOW they are beautiful.

Merry Christmas!!

swrkin said...

What color and thickness did you use in your weft? Your towels seem entirely warp faced. It's so nice to read about another weaver, and such a productive one!

Cupcake Murphy said...

I JUST bought an iron again after about ninety years of not having one and I haven't used it yet!

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts