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Monday, December 3, 2012

Kid stuff and winter.

A long time ago, when my grandson was a baby ( he is now 15), I bought two grocery bags of hot wheel cars at a garage sale for $8.  They eventually made their way into a basket.

He played with them for a long time, and every  grandkid after him has had a go at the basket of cars. 
In this day of computer games, and high priced toys, it is incredible to me how much fun they still get from $8 worth of second hand toy cars.

"I have to go now?"

 Here's O, come to cheer us up.
And Cockadoo, her doll.

 Who loves Cockadoo???

When O comes to the studio, she has a routine. First, she hunts Sydney down, though most days, Syd is at the door as soon as she comes in.
Then she gets an animal cracker.......she knows where they are.
Then she goes upstairs to the kids' table to have a "tea party".
She has a new trick, which she showed me today.
She goes into the front bedroom, and hollers down through the grate, "Who's down there??"  about a hundred times.
Of course, I am obliged to holler back, "Who's UP THERE?"

I wouldn't want to have a little one, I am way past that. 
But gosh, having them around sure does make me smile.

Today was a good day.  After waking up two days in a row with a smasher, this morning I woke up with a 3, and it stayed that way all day. I swear it's the weather.
This is where I do a little dance. :)

I did some weaving this morning, but this afternoon, I was on a mission.
My old coffee table is usually COVERED, with books, magazines, and knitting projects.  It is BELOVED by me, bought at a garage sale for $2, many moons ago.   I resisted replacing it, even though my kids often heckled me about it.  Eddie used to lay under it, so I would never get one that had storage under it, while he was alive.
Roy could not care less.  He has never, ever slept under it.  So I decided maybe it was time to give in, and get a new fancy coffee table with baskets underneath.

 And while I am really not a cheapskate, I am very fond of keeping old things instead of buying new, when I can.  So it occurred to me, why do I need a new one?

So off to Target, where for $20 each I found the perfect baskets.
One for magazines, one for knitting.

And now, my most recent finished baby surprise sweater, is lovely to photograph against the
sweet wood grain of my old coffee table, now that you can see it.

 I text messaged a picture of my new "clean slate" to my three daughters.

My youngest daughter came back with a good one.
"We paid EXTRA and had Dr. Rekate do a few additional adjustments."

So who knows what is next in store for me?
Should be interesting, yes???



Teri said...

That's something my daughter would say. I love that old table and would have kept it, too.

Country Girl said...

I think that table is pretty, Hilary. But that baby jacket is beautiful ~
Glad to hear the headache has abated. This weather thing . . . are you keeping a log of weather and pain?

weaverpat said...

Hi Hilary,
Yes, I do live in PA. I have no idea why my blog url would have 'ca' at the end! It dosn't show that way on my address bar.
Glad you are feeling better today. It's certainly been a long hard road for you thi past year. I hope there's a place in the near future that will give you relief from the pain.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

HA! Your daughter is just hilarious. Loved what she said about the 'extras'. :)

I'm with Kate... the baby jacket is just divine my dear.

Deb said...

Well, if I thought it might be the weather I would keep track of that daily. Then you'll know, for sure. I think my second favorite little girl in the whole wide world (Riley being #1) is O., she is adorable. "Hi Roy." I love your daughter's wit.

Country Gal said...

Lovely photos ! Your grand girls are so cute ! Oh weather has a lot to do with how we feel it is scientifically been proven ! Low air pressure can cause headaches and or migraines and cold damp weather can cause muscle pain . I am living proof of both , not fun ! I hope the headaches subside for you very soon . Take care and have a good day !

Hilary said...

Your daughter is such a hoot. :) Your granddaughter is a little beauty and O and Roy just steal my heart. O is such a little character.

Your idea for the table is perfect and the baby's jacket is just so adorable.

I'm so glad today was better.

Anonymous said...

Sweet, sweet and sweet! So glad to hear you had a good day. Take good care of yourself.


claudia said...

I think if I knew someone with little ones like yours, I would want them around all the time! That
look on Ava's face is precious. She didn't want to leave her cars!O is a hoot! Little smarty that one. What blessings they are!
I like your table too. I could not have given it up, too well used/loved. That sweater is gorgeous!
Many more less painful days to you my friend!

moosecraft said...

That pic of O hugging her dolly is sooooooo dang cute!!!! :-) Absolutely priceless! That coffee table is definitely a keeper! The wood grain and wear on it is perfection! Great looking sweater you knitted too... those "extras" will surprise you for many moons to come! lol! You've got great kids!

Green Monkey said...

Hello Hilary, I'm new here. "CRAZY" hooked me and here I am! I too refuse to grow up. I have an 11 year old grandson who keeps me smiling. sorry to hear about your ongoing pain. chronic pain is daunting. (physical and/or mental). Sending you a smile and warm, healing light. Shannon aka green monkey

Suzanne said...

Sweet Baby Girl! She's adorable as is that baby sweater. I've done the usual scarves, hats and a pair of socks. Sweaters are next but I'm scared ;-)

I love that Coffee Table and if I lived closer might have to arm wrestle you for it. Ha!

So sorry that you're still having headaches. It just takes time for the body to heal.

Daryl said...

what a great post ... i really laughed out loud twice .. love the baskets and i am with you no reason to get rid of a perfectly good table ...

Anonymous said...

O's dolly is awesome and I love the name - very original of her don't you think.

Your coffee table is awesome. We are sisters of the heart - how can I tell you ask. My "coffee" table is a beat up old trunk circa 1850 or so I bought for $5.00 30 years ago.

Glad to hear you are at a 3 today. Pet Roy Boy for me. hugs, Martha

Karen said...

I love your coffee table, would not replace it! and the baskets are perfect.. the whole look is pottery barn worthy!!...

and The baby sweater? Beautiful.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts