Crazy as a Loom

Saturday, December 22, 2012

A little blast from the past.

Well, it's cold and dreary, and washing my hands did NOT work.  Except that now I have dry hands to go along with my cold.
Ay yi yi.
I came home quite quickly from the studio today, mostly because in addition to feeling awful, I could not stay warm.
Now however, on the couch with a cuppa hot tea, and Roy snuggling next to me, I am quite toasty, thanks.
I may do some knitting, but then again a nap sounds good.
Are you tingly with excitement, yet??

Going through old pictures, I found some shots off the back deck of my old home in the country.
Made me remember what I loved about it.

The wind was blowing the snow around.  The lake is a hike through those woods. We used to snowshoe down there.
Doing my bucket list this past year, that is one thing I put at the top.  I want to have a back yard that does not involve someone else's house, street lights, sirens just blocks away.
I want this.  Again.  Til the end.
This was my back yard.  The sun set right over those trees.  It was so peaceful, and so beautiful.
I am searching for that in my life.
Nothing about living "in town" can compare to that.  No convenience,  nothing.

This next picture was taken in reverse.......see my house, way over in the left corner?

It wasn't a fancy house, just an old country farm house, that used to be part of a bigger farm.  I think it was the hired hand's house.
But it was home for 20 years.
I planted perennials for all of those years, and when I left, I cried.
It was like leaving my children.  I haven't really gardened much since.

This is where "Crazy as a Loom" was born.....and this is my FIRST loom.  No kidding.
A little Leclerc Mira, that I paid $100 for, and struggled to put together.
It didn't really fit my body, and I had to lean in to throw the shuttle. My legs were too long to really get under the loom.  So I had a chronic shoulder blade pain for a year......DUH.....until I figured it out.
 I am now very savvy about body mechanics and weaving.
And to quote an old friend......"don't do the same repetitive motion all day.  Break it up.  Weave a while, cut fabric a while, sew a while.  Your body will thank you."

Finding out that life is precious, just makes it all more real.
I never really understood being "mindful", before.
Not like this.
I am sure that our recent national tragedy has done the same to everyone that has been touched by it, close up and farther away.
We are not born knowing.
It reminds me of what the Big Book says, the bible of AA.   There is a reference made to those who, for whatever reason, will never get the program.
Well, there are those who will go through the motions of living their lives without really paying attention, without fully experiencing all of it, getting caught up in the muddle that is made up of what you think you SHOULD do, and not what is important, at all.
I don't want that.
I really, really don't.

I want this.  So much more than a picture.
Don't you agree?


Anonymous said...

Does this mean you are putting your house up for sale? Sometimes change can be good. We decided not to sell ours right now and not to move since the real estate market here is not good right now. This will only delay our dream. :)

Susan said...

You can feel the serenity in that last picture...
Lovely. Thanks for sharing...

Hugs, Susan

Katalin said...

Boldog Kar√°csonyt!

Daryl said...

looks perfect

moosecraft said...

Yes! I would LOVE to have that as my backyard... and front yard... I'm tired of the traffic and noise in my area and would love to move out to the country. I don't use the "conveniences" around here as most of the stores are franchises with poor quality junk in them. Everything but groceries I order through the mail... just to not have to sit in traffic and get run over in the stores... so, for now I deal with it because we both have jobs here. Once I can create a "portable income" (as I call it) .... I may just get to the country....

Karen said...

Get there, Hilary... as fast as you can manage. :-)

ain't for city gals said...

The one and only thing I know for sure is that I love where I live. That has always been important to me and we will do whatever we have to do as long as we can to stay here. It is my haven...where I can close the gate (and lock it if I want) and unplug and just be.

Jayme Goffin, The Coop Keeper said...

I agree wholeheartedly. These photos were soul food. Thank you - get there - as fast as you can. Life is short. Merry Christmas Hilary.

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

I love the isolation of our home as much as sometimes I resent it. Mostly I need the peace and quiet. When I get closed in feeling I drive to Asheville for the day. I am always glad to get home!
Merry Christmas!

June said...

Your former back yard looks like our back yard. And front yard. Except you had water. The only water here is five hundred feet in the ground.
But, oh do I ever know what you mean about the peace, the distance, the insulation from All The Rest Of That Out There.
Maybe you need to plan a little vacation to a no place kind of place.

Country Girl said...

You and I want the same things - the same feelings. That last photo spoke to me. It was calling me home.
Merry Christmas, my friend.

Cupcake Murphy said...

WOW what a gorgeous backyard. I long for that quiet too, always. Merry Christmas Kindred Person. xoxo

Jan in TN said...

Hilary, I signed up finallly to get your posts. Not happening, found today's on another blog hours ago and it is still not in my mailbox...

Love your new rugs but I have not ever seen any of your work I did not love.

My prayers have been with you right along for a complete recovery, sorry it is taking so long but it sounds like you are getting there. Peace, Jan in TN

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Because every thread counts