Crazy as a Loom

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Let it be gray outside.

This is kind of how I plan on spending my winter.
Stove roaring, cat sleeping nearby, warp on my loom for towels or shawls or scarves, things to weave that are easy on my neck.
Listening to solo guitar on Pandora.

This is my most recent warp.  The colors spoke to me, chosen at random.

But just in case you think that I am always on top of my game.........I am so NOT.
Somehow when I wound this warp, I had the narrow strips of rust positioned quite nicely in an otherwise off the top of my head warp, until I got to the end.
Then I screwed up and put a narrow strip of turquoise where the rust should have been.
When I tied the warp on, the absence of symmetry where the rust should have been, jumped right out at me.
So........rust tied on, handy clamp adding weight.  I wove with this the whole  12 yards.
And it worked just fine.

 I love making dish towels.  I try to leave them all on the front beam until the warp is finished.  Then I roll it up, cut it off, and bring it home; where I hem the ends, and throw them all in the wash.

Someone asked why they weren't on my web site.
Truth is, I have never been able to get enough ahead to do that.  I sell them out of my shop, and they are usually gone quite quickly.
Maybe this winter, now that I am not weaving rugs for a while, I will get a stack made.

 They  really do last forever.  And they get softer every time you use them.
I find that when I reach in the drawer for a towel, I will go past 5 others to pick out one that came off my loom.
There is a certain sense of  decadence about using a hand woven towel.  At the same time, it feels so right.

 Three good days in a row, I think I must be dreaming.  Hoping that this is a glimpse of my future.
But knowing too, that if it's not, it's still a blessing.
Because days like this will help me get through days that aren't so peachy.

 It may be gray outside, but I know where the color is.
And today, there is sunshine in my heart.  That's what hope will do.


Loomatic said...

Lovely towels. As a newby weaver I like to hear the expert weavers make mistakes too.

I love them!

Hilary said...

Oh these colours are wonderful. Your eye for hues is amazing. Glad to hear there are three good days... and counting!

Country Girl said...

It may be gray outside, but I know where the color is.
And today, there is sunshine in my heart. That's what hope will do.

I love this. Another upbeat and wonderful post. And I needed that today. xoxo

Lorraine said...

Beautiful towels, beautiful sentiment! Weave on (slowly) Hilary!

Anonymous said...

Loving the 1" sectional beam, so much easier to do towels with. I'm envious.

DJan said...

I was given a hand-woven dish towel a few years ago, and I know just what you mean. I love it and will pass up several others just to get to it. So glad to hear that you have had several good days in a row. Encouraging, very encouraging... :-)

messymimi said...

You've made my gray, rainy day brighter.

Country Gal said...

Oh I am so happy you are feeling better . WOW ! What beautiful work . On wards and up wards I say ! Have a great day !

Anna M. Branner said...

Three days! I'm praying for four. :) I know what you mean too about handwoven towels...I get so frustrated when I gift them or someone buys them only to say "But they are too pretty to use!"

A beautiful towel puts beauty in the most mundane job.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts