Thursday, June 23, 2011

Still raining

Still amusing myself here.  In between orders, waiting on samples to be okayed, waiting for a deposit on another order, waiting for color swatches on yet another.
And it's OK.

Some times you just have to do what's in front of you.  Some times, that's all you can do.

These are my "new" purple, yellow and lime rugs.

Let me introduce you to Jinx.  She doesn't get much press.  Mostly because she hardly ever stays still.
When she does, I grab the camera.

She is very long, including her tail.
She was one of five kittens that a stray had, under the house where I live, not the studio.   I captured four of the kittens, the mother and one kitten got away.
The only time Jinx lets you pet her, and love her, is when she is lying down.  Then if you approach her slowly, she will totally enjoy the attention.

But if you move too quickly, or try to pick her up, she's gone.

Sydney, on the other hand, is not deterred by much of anything.
And some people are dangerous with the camera.
Here you can see how silvery my hair is in the front.
Dye be gone.

A kind of quiet day at the studio, pouring rain outside, and not much going on.
But that is fine with me right now.   
I'll get my groove back soon, but I am taking a cue from these four cat creatures.
Jinx who runs, Kizzy who hides, Sydney who persists, and Miss Puss, who just plain gets comfortable.
There is a lesson to be learned from each of them

I'm trying to sort  them out.
The lessons.


TexWisGirl said...

always love to see your studio kitties... such precious faces that have such a loved life. :)

Anonymous said...

I like your hair. Mine is just mousy blonde with gray. If I had yours I would be proud to wear it natural.


sharon said...

Love your purple rug. It was nice to meet your kitties!

Anonymous said...

I love the lime in the rug! It seems so happy :-)

Reena said...

I so want to come back as somebody's loved kitty ... your rug is great!

Anonymous said...

Um, did you really use Dye Be Gone on your hair?! The rugs look like what's blooming in the Rocky Mountains right now, loverly.

Deb said...

and you will. It just takes time. Still thinking about you and sending hugs. Deb=^..^=x4

Anonymous said...

Miss Jinx has a very lovely face! Love Miss Sydney's have opened "I am checking on you" on eye.

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Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts