Wednesday, June 15, 2011

An angel and a buckboard?????

Wow, if I was wondering if you were all out there reading my blog, or if in fact, I was talking to myself, I guess I know the truth now.
Not that I don't talk to myself on a regular basis, because I do.
It feels quite normal, too, I might add.
I took another day off  today, I am getting quite bad, or good, at this.......depending how you look at it.
But today, my little pumpkin graduated from kindergarten.  I couldn't miss that, now could I?

And it was another way to get my mother out of the house, and speeding her way to a recovery of sorts.

The face of an angel.
Don't buy it for a minute.
She has the power.  And she knows it.

She's gotten so tall.  It is amazing to me how quickly they grow up. Maybe it's because I am "older".
Ack.  Older than what is the question.
Or not.
I was in a position the other night to observe a woman my own age.  She looked like she had just been to the beauty salon. Her hair, dyed a  dark brown, and then highlighted, cut in a fashionable new cut.
It looked nice.
 I was so not impressed, I knew what it took.  At the same time, I was very conscious of my own drab brown in the back silver in the front cut short and sassy hairdo.  That cost about 1/10th of what hers cost, and took about 1/10th the time, and that's if you count my complete shower.
I have occasionally found myself wanting to look in the mirror and see a head of rich hair color.
But as I perused hers, I realized how REALLY OK I am with my own head, just the way it is.
With my money in my pocket to spend on other really neat stuff, and my time not wasted.
Precious time.

As my hair turns whiter/silver/loses color, and as I cut it shorter and shorter, it is apparent that I have my father's wild head of hair.
So DH lovingly calls me Mort Head, when my hair is flying wild.
That was my Dad's name.
I'm OK with that.

For a while now, I have had this wild idea that I wanted to have a buckboard in the front yard, right out near the OPEN flag, a place to hang some colorful rugs on a summer day.   I looked everywhere, and couldn't find one.  So I decided to have one made.  First I bought the wheels, and then my carpenter took them home to work on it.
Two days ago, I found a buckboard for $150.  It was perfect.  But I knew that getting it home would not be an easy job.  So I pondered it.  And today my phone rang, MY buckboard was done and on its way.
Luckily I had not bought the other one.

Tomorrow I'm going to hang some rugs on it.

Isn't it perfect???
I love it.
If only I had a horse.


joyceetta said...

Hey Hilary....LOVE the buckboard. I'm sure you could trade several of your looms for a horse. Then you wouldn't have to hire someone to cut your grass! Ha ha!
Can't wait to see the new acquisition draped with your colorful rugs.

TexWisGirl said...

well, at least this buckboard is nice, new and clean to hang rugs on! :)

Deb said...

Oh boy! That's gonna be real pretty. I can't wait to see it covered in rugs.
I wish I had the confidence, nerve,good hair to let it go grey. I'm not even sure how much grey I have but I know its there. I still colour mine since I have a hair-dresser in the family and it is just so easy. Someday, I will just let it go and see what it looks like. Thanks Hilary for following along with me. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

Country Girl said...

It really IS perfect. And you don't need the horse.

Anonymous said...

Love the buckboard, what a perfect display place for your beautiful creations! Deborah S, Cobleskill

fiberdance said...

Be careful what you wish for!!
and on the subject of white hair-mine turned white almost overnight when I turned 40-that was 19 years ago-I've been getting senior discounts ever since-ahh the perks!!

Anonymous said...

Gosh I like that buckboard!! It's totally cool and is going to look great with rugs hanging from it. What a perfect idea you had there.

Hair.. mine was pretty wild and crazy when I awoke this morning, but that's just a sign that the humidity is lower.. at least that 's what Hubby told me... It's like my hair announced what today's weather would be.


Sharon said...

That's kinda funny since my friend Melissa and I have grrls day in town today. We saw that very same lady and agreed that all that money still doesn't turn back the clock. We gotta love ourselves now, as is. Pedicures don't count.

MarthaVA said...

I let my hair go "natural" last year. It took a lot of getting used to, but I'm not one to primp so it's all good. I figured I'd been dying it since my late 30s, and now that I'm in my mid 50s (gosh, when did THAT happen?), I have earned the gray. Besides, all that hair color can't be good for the brain, right?
Love the buckboard. Your carpenter is awesome. Maybe he could carve a horse for the front? Real ones are a lot of work - I know - we have 2.
How fast the little ones grow up, huh?


Deb said...

How is Bubbalee doing, Hilary?

SpinMeAYarn said...

love the buckboard, didn't know what a buckboard was till now, I learn something new every day....
I'm with you , my hair is grey and i am not going to colour it. Too much time and money required to colour hair. Imagine paying all that money for chemicals, some of which will be washed down the drain, and the rest of which will fade on your hair anyway and require regular top-ups.
Better to be honest about one's hair, than that constant battle with 'roots' etc....
oh we are here, reading and listening, watching your battles with cats and enjoying your joy in your grandchildren and reading your wise words.
Keep on Writing!

Anonymous said...

The buckboard is awesome! I want one too! Love the pics of your beautiful Granddaughter, she is growing up so fast! As for your hair, mmmph, your hair is lovely - I have noted it in several pics. My way of thinking has developed in to this...I am glad I have hair - mine tried to totally all fall out this spring, it is now slowly growing back - with lots of silver I might add. Used to highlight it all the time, now no new philosophy is let it grow and do it's own thing with a few trims in between. Besides simple is better and easier and the money you and I save on hair dye can be spent on fabric dye! Hair, mmmmph.....

claudia w said...

That buckboard is such a great idea! It's so cool!
Congratulations to your little graduate. She's a cutie.
As for the hair thing. I used to watch my Mom go through the weekly, cut, color, perm. Then sleep on special pillpws, or not sleep much at all. I could never do that. I had a "kid" tell me once that I would look so much younger if I cut and dyed my hair. I told him it took me 53 years to get my hair like it is and I certainly wasn't going to change it now!

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Because every thread counts