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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Waste not,

I wonder how long I have been this nuts?
I asked myself that today on the way home from the woodworker, as I drove country roads with a car loaded to the roof with looper looms.
From december

There wasn't room for anything or anyone.
From december

I am either nuts, or I am just a persistent optimist.
When I believe in something, I throw myself into it full throttle. This is no different.
God help me.
The last few days have been hectic. Baking the cookies, cleaning, organizing, getting the place ready for this Open House that starts tomorrow. And in the middle of it all, still marketing the looper loom, taking calls, emailing, sending things out. Ay caramba. I am crazy for sure.
I talked a bit about inspiration in a previous post.
Well, you see the pictures of the looper loom on the doors of this cabinet and underneath?
From december

They were taken by Kate over at Country Girl
She took them of the loom she bought a while back, and sent them to me. The were such awesome pictures, they made me stop and appreciate them. And they INSPIRED me. Wow.
This is my looper loom, and it is awesome! Kate's eye caught something that I hadn't seen, something I couldn't even put my finger on. Her pictures helped me to NOT doubt myself.
Like I said, perspective. In this case, someone else's. Someone with a talent for taking photos that shout out.
Thanks, Kate.
I was also inspired to make something from the scarf seconds from Solmate socks. I had an idea that they would make fantastic wreaths. So I talked my old and dearest friend, Gayle, into trying to put them together.
From december

They are kind of funky, but fun.
From december

After a long day, I found myself at the studio alone. I had a chance to walk around and enjoy the quiet, and soak up the good stuff. That's what I call it. The house is pure energy.
From december

This is the garland I made from the waste pieces from cutting the edges of the sock placemats made from the waste pieces called heel strips that were cut from the sock seconds to make hats.
Got it??????
From december

I love it. I just haphazardly (can you tell) wrapped a short string of lights around it.
So I am thinking of a Christmas in the Country giveaway.
Should it be Greek Honey cookies? or a scrappy sock garland?
You decide, OK? Cause I am way too tired.


Country Girl said...

First of all, I love your holiday decor here. Very homey. Cool wreaths.

When I first began reading the post, I didn't realize those photos were mine. Thanks for your kind words, Hilary.

Linda said...

I vote for the garland and cookies!


Hilary said...

The garland looks great! Amazingly creative of you. And Kate's photos are always inspiring, aren't they?

Gayle said...

Wish I were closer, what a wonderful place to visit, so inviting, homey, deeelightful. Thanks for sharing. I vote for BOTH as giveaways. :)

tea4too0 said...

I wish I could see your studio in person, but it is too far from Okla, to be a day trip. Love the decor, and the photos. Have a fun weekend.
I really like the wreath.

DebbieB said...

Oh, those wreaths are adorable! I love the display of the looper loom - looks great.

Marsel said...

I love the wreath -- what a great idea! The garland is lovely, too. I don't comment much here (sorry) but I always enjoy your beautiful photos. :)

imjustmk said...

Everything looks SO beautiful and inspiring! I don't know a thing about weaving but, you make me want to skip on over and become your apprentice! I love the house, it wouldn't be much without you though! Good luck with the open house, I'm sure it will be fantastic!

claudia said...

I was just thinking this morning about how I can't wait to hear about your weekend! I suppose I should slow down a bit and wait for it. Right?
Beautiful decorations!
I think cookies and the garland make a good prize.

Jabberwarpy said...

Ok, even me, Scrooge about Xmas, is enjoying those wreathes and garland. Have fun!

Lona said...

Love the wreaths! What a neat idea... And the garland, too. We should all be so careful not to waste what we've been given.

You go, girl. Hope your holiday tour is a smashing success. I'm off to load the van (stem to stern) for our own holiday market. Outdoors. Who's the insane one?

SpinMeAYarn said...

oh gosh, decisions , decisions, the Greek Honey cookies souund lovely, but that garland is lovely too, as for the wreaths, cosy and warm and crafty and homesteady,
and the pics of the Looper Loom and finished products from Kate, all very inspiring,
i'm just too far away for any of it, but truly isn't the web wonderful that I can still be part of it!!
warmest regards
liz in Ireland

Anonymous said...

The Garland and the cookies - hey, a girl can dream. Love the looper pictures - they are colorful and descriptive! Hope your holiday tour is awesome and that they buy all your offerings! The wreaths are awesome, so cute - just know they will sell quickly.

Best wishes, Martha

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Because every thread counts