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Friday, December 17, 2010


Just letting you know I am still alive up here in the frigid northeast.
Just a little under the weather, sore throat now to go with the ear ache, general body aches, some viral thing.
Today I actually came home before lunch and took up residence on the couch for the rest of the day.
From december

I am not good at sitting still. Now there's a revelation.
Someone actually said that me being on the couch all day was reason enough to call 911. Go figure.
My pup is lying on the couch with me....first day in a few that he has been able to get on the couch. He had a tumor removed on his hip, and the sutures must have hurt, so he didn't even try it. But there is nothing he loves better than to be on the couch next to me. He is my boy. He is recovering well, it seems, and we are much relieved.
Thanks much to Vicki, who pointed out that there is a picture of the Hip to Be Square Looper Loom on page 4 (loom buyers guide in the middle of the mag) of the new Handwoven magazine, in a Halcyon Yarn ad!!! Wow! Very cool.
I imagine I will be trying to lie low over the weekend, hope I am better by Monday.
Being sick just doesn't agree with me.

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Sharon said...

I drove up to the eensy community of Doyle yesterday to return the loom. I love it that I drive up into cattle country to a post office, and I love the post mistress. She totally rocks and is always full of great advice. She helped me on future shipping of eBay sales. No lines, just a nice postal lady. I'm so happy to get that loom off my dining room table.

Good thing I went yesterday. CalDot closed the road today due to snow, then opened it to snow chains :(

Karen said...

Feel better, Hilary... can I tell you we have received many compliments on that beautiful jeans rug? And they say "Who Would Thunk it?"

It's frigid here too... and now ad the lovely aroma of chicken sh*t. :-)

Karen said...

Who "woulda" is the proper improper english. sorry.

claudia said...

I hope you are feeling better soon. Try not to get off that couch until you are really ARE doing something while there, you are healing!
Take care!

Nancy said...

Take your time and feel better. I'm popping zinc throat lozenges. I will not be sick at Christmas! Nancy

KarenInTheWoods said...

Ohhhh Get Well hugs to you, Hilary!!!

Karen and Steve
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Because every thread counts