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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Brightness and a giveaway.

Another gray day in the northeast. Sometimes you gotta make your own sunshine, if you know what I mean.
I have had this idea for a while, about the Solmate Sock Rugs. I have wanted to do something different with them, but I just wasn't sure what.
Cutting them horizontally into loops, the way I have been doing them, makes the bumpy sock rug that you have seen a hundred times. They also shed a little. The shedding does stop, after a while. They are typical "looper" rugs, just more colorful because the sock seconds are cut into 'new' loopers.
So I asked the girl that cuts for me, to try something different, and yesterday I got back a box of socks cut lengthwise, each sock into three pieces. They are similar to the heel strips I used for the funky placemats.
From december

At first I thought they were too wide, but I was willing to give it a fair shot, so I sewed a pile of them together, end to end.
Wrapped them on the shuttle.
From december

They have very few bumps, and they DON'T shed at all.
From december

I love these rugs...they are the bomb. I like them better than the original Solmate Sock Rugs. What's up with that?
From december

I finished three of them today.
And since they were the only BRIGHTNESS around, I decided to give them their due.
I remembered 'perspective', so I got down flat on the floor for these.
From december

Rather than try to decide which one I liked the best, it is just easier to show them all to you.
You don't mind, do you?
From december

Wow, things really do look different down on the floor.
From december

Ah, there's that sweet place right in the middle, where all is clear.
From december

Then I took them outside, because I thought that the white background of snow would really show them off.
From december

Now here's my problem.
What to call them.
I initially thought that these are Solmate Sock Rugs, 2nd generation. But that sounded pretty dopey.
So I'm asking for your help.
From december

I need to call them something distinctive, that still identifies them as Solmate Sock Rugs, but newer, better.
From december

And for the person that comes up with a great that I actually use, there is a will be a surprise.
What? You like surprises, right????
Mid winter, we need surprises, trust me.
Decision time, one week from today.8pm.


Gail said...

Solmate Sock Solace Rugs...comfort and cheer for your feet!

I am terrible at this but it was fun trying.

Lona said...

Solmate Sockapalooza Rugs

Anonymous said...

Sunshine Solmate Sock Rugs

claudia said...

Winter Cheer Solmate Sock Rugs

Anonymous said...

Here's my shot at it Hilary!
How 'bout "Solmate Longevity Sock Rugs" - a little word play for you on the lengthwise cut of your sock weft ... a little word play for those who will come to enjoy (like a good friendship), the enduring warmth, strength and stability of what I'm sure these wonderfully colorful rugs offer! (Also keeps that connection to the recycling aspect too.)
Oh you do inspire, and not just in the weaving of things! Thanks for all you do!

(site won't let me post my url in the "comment as" area...sorry)

Anonymous said...

Okay here are my contributions/suggestions for the name the rug request...mosaic rugs - or stained glass rugs - or winter soltice rugs - I am now out of ideas. As usual Hillary I adore your work - keep up the weaving! You rock! hugs! - Martha

joyceetta said...

Solmate Sock Kaleidoscope rug
Solmate Sock Northern Lights rug

Karen said...

solmate survivors
solsock survivor series, or "SSS"
socks rocks rug
SolSoc Revival Rug

Seriously, I'm not helping here, am I?

Happy Holidays, Hilary ...

jaimieb said...

Sock it to me! rugs...They're great...I like them a lot.

Anonymous said...

"Stepping on Sunshine Rugs"
"Soulmate Sunshine Rugs"

Debbie From Cobleskill

Anonymous said...

I am a relatively new weaver and have recently discovered your blog. Love it!
How about The Solmosaic Rug?

Susan said...

Solmate Sun Sock Rugs

This came to my mind....

:) Susan

Sharon said...

I adore them. How interesting that changing the direction of the cut has produced such heathered brightness. Sunshine rugs???

MountainBlessings said...

Wow, the rugs are awesome! And all the names I thought of have been taken! Good luck! Marla

Trisha said...

How about Rockin' Sock Rugs? :)

Tina J said...

What about "Sol satisfying sock rug"?

DebbieB said...

Walkin' On Sunshine Solmate Rugs.

Oh, now the song is stuck in my head... and don't it feel GOOD? ;)

Valerie said...

How about "Son of a Solmate"? Makes sense that they wouldn't shed since the stockinet knitting would roll in on itself when cut long ways.

Theresa said...

I don't know which you would pick, but I'm voting for Valerie's Son of Solmate!
Have a wonderful, bright holiday!

Tina J said...

Here is another one. They look like a pile of Chicklets, so how about "Solmate Chicklet Rugs"? I will keep thinking on it. I like surprises!

Anonymous said...

Solmate Rainbow Rugs or Solmate Joy Rugs (as they will bring a lot of joy to their owners).

Anonymous said...

I was going to suggest Kaleidescope but I see that has already been submitted. They are also remind me of the Hippie years with all of their wild colors, which made me think of Woodstock, or also of Bob Marley for some reason.


Anonymous said...

Soulmate Solstice in honor of the 400 year event that happened this week.


Anonymous said...

These rugs are so darn cheerful that they actually made me smile on this hectic day. My ideas are either the Solmate Giggle Rug or the Solmate LOL Rug.

re'New said...

I was going to say "Renew the Soul Rugs" but then it would sound like they are some of mine! lol

Sojourner Design said...

OK, since you're cutting them the long way, how about the Soul-Long Rug?

maggie said...

Aura solmate sock rugs ?
Over the Rainbow sock rugs?
or just..
Rainbow sock rugs?

luv reading your blog as usual

Donna said...

"Sole Sisters" or "Soles at rest'?

Simply Me said...

Solemate salsa Sock rugs, they remind me of hot summer and fresh salsa, so much color to warm the home and the heart. They are very beautiful!

Peg Cherre said...

Read you regularly, don't comment often, but can't resist this on this post.

Revive Your Soul Solemate Sock Rugs

Soul-Sole Rugs

Sol-Bright Sock Rugs

Woven Sunshine Solemate Sock Rugs

WHY do you have to use the "Solemate Sock" thing in the name? Some agreement you have with the solemate sock people?

I'll probably come up with more options later and be back.

Anonymous said...

Okay, let me try this again as I just realized that you wanted the Sole Mate part mentioned in the rug name. Mosiac Solemate, Stained Glass Solemate, Mated Solemates, A Pair of Solemates, Once Again Solemates, Mated Solemates, Not all Solemates Wander , Wandering Solemates, Soulmates for Life, oh my gosh I have gone off the deep end! Merry Christmas! - Martha

pyhnations said...

"Sol-Mate's True Love Sock Rug" (because your sole mate is your true love).

Peg Cherre said...

I'm back with a few more, too...

Brighten your heart and solemate rug

Solemate shines bright rug

Singing solemate rug

Soaring hearts & sole(mate)s rug

Orlythe said...

The Solmate Carnival rug!

FabShabbyRoses said...

Solmate Blast Of Color Sock Rugs
Solmate Second Time Around Sock Rugs

Wendy said...

Solmate Confetti Rugs!

Anonymous said...

Hi Hilary! How about Solmate Rugs - Sassy Edition, Solmate Rugs - Sweet Sols, Solmate Rugs- Sassy Sols.... they are just beautiful!

Diane Weaving in Pine Meadow said...

Hi Hilary
Solmate Brightspots, or
Winter Bright Spots, or just
Bright Spots

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts