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Monday, December 20, 2010

Try try again.

Trying not to be too busy this week, need to get feeling better, and besides it is the week before Christmas!
So I did random stuff that I needed to do. One of them was tackling two old rugs sent to me, to be rewoven.
From december

Easy to see why, right?
One of the problems with old rugs, is that they were woven with 12 epi, or ends per inch, which means simply that there are 6 threads showing on both sides. It looks good, and you would think that more threads means a 'sturdier' rug, but not so.
What it does mean, is that the thread takes the wear instead of the fabric, thus the rug gets holes in it like this.
See how close the threads are?
From december

I weave all my rugs at 8 or 10 epi. I prefer 8. So there is more fabric showing, and the fabric takes the beating.
Makes sense, right?
Tearing rugs apart is a very time consuming process. And a messy one.
From december

But the fabric is lovely, shades of browns and yellows, white and golds. And unlike some rugs I take apart, most of the pieces in this one remain sewn together in long lengths.
The sun came out occasionally today, and it was lovely.
From december

So now the rugs are disassembled, and waiting for me to warp a loom for them. I think they are going to be beautiful when they get their 'new life'.
Halcyon Yarn is going to start marketing the Crazy as a Loom Solmate Sock Rug Kit, so today I had 'L' take some videos, and some photos of the process of getting the kit ready. One of the videos actually looked like I was cutting the ends of my fingers off, that might not be a good one.
From december

I wanted to get a good shot of my cutter.
From december

I have actually never cut my fingers cutting socks this way. I have cut my thumb cutting the heel strips in half, simply because I had to hold onto the piece to cut it. That isn't my favorite job, by the way.
From december

I have decided that the only way to get through this winter weather is a week at a time. I make sure there are things I want to do, things to look forward to, be it as simple as baking pies. Maybe a movie out, or lunch at el Mexicano, or seeing a good friend. Something feel good.
I can't look ahead and think, oh dear, 3 more months of this. Nah. Can't do it. So I will just have to work some magic a week at a time.
Doesn't sound so hard, does it?
I just realized that New Year's is coming at us fast. So I have to go back and look at my lofty list. I am pretty sure I failed quite badly at MOST of my resolutions. Which is a good thing, really. Gives me another shot at them.


Anonymous said...

Hi. Are you still coughing? I am.


claudia said...

You are so strong! When I am sick I whimp out and go to bed, with instructions not to be bothered. I do nothing except getting some soup or going to the posder room.
I think you are right taking this winter one week at a time. Makes it a little more palitable (sp???)
Keep trying to take it easy and get well soon!

KarenInTheWoods said...

Yup..I have four denim rugs to reweave for a customer. They did last 25 years the first time around with all cotton warp. I am reweaving at 8epi with polycotton. So I am sure she will get another 25 years outta them!

Karen and Steve
(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

Anonymous said...

When you check that list don't forget the things you have done that weren't on the list! Sometimes we purposely leave something off to make room for something that can be your looper loom!

I didn't get my stash room as organized as I dreamed last winter but I planted a little vegetable garden that was very rewarding for working out a few bursts of frustration.

The stash room goes on this years list perhaps I should make it an appointment in the book too?

January 11th - stash room re-organization 9am

Darlene said...

Love those Chickadee cutters. They're a real time-saver. It's hard to cut yourself with it, but I can see how you could, especially cutting the socks up. Maybe you could use a seam ripper to hold the socks in place while you cut them?

I know what you mean about winter. Ya just gotta get through it a little at a time. Otherwise, we'd probably all run into the next snowstorm screaming! :D

Karen said...

I like your attitude, Hilary. It seems as I am getting older the cold weather is seeping in deeper and I don't want to waste three months dreading it. Perhaps it's all in how you manage it.

Sharon said...

Congratulations! That's quite a coups. Halycon is nothing to sneeze at. Thanks for explaining the why of the epi. I keep seeing the 12 epi in rug books and wondered if that would make rugs pack better on a jack loom. I see your point.

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Because every thread counts