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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday, Still cold.

A little snow, and cold.
Winter in New York.
From december

I pushed myself to weave on a order. I really didn't want to, but I did.
Once I got started, I began to like it.
From december

There are other ways to get through the winter.
From december

We all do what we have to do, to keep ourselves busy til spring.
From december

Perhaps a sunny window feels like the beach.
Who knows?

And there's nothing like a good bath to make you feel better.
From december

This one shows just how far out of your mouth you can stretch your tongue, if you really, really try.
Just sayin'.
From december

"Look Mom, there's that outside cat walking in the SNOW! What's up with THAT??"
From december

So after all this horsing around, tomfoolery, I picked up my dog at the vet's, where he had surgery today. He is 13 and a half, but he is still going pretty strong. I felt really bad leaving him there this morning, but I consoled myself thinking that he trusts me, and he trusts me to come back for him.
And even though he is mostly blind, when he caught sight of me at 4pm, his ears shot straight up, and he practically pulled the tech over to where I was standing.
Now he is begging for more food, even though he isn't supposed to have that much.
He knows how to work this sympathy thing.


Hilary said...

What a cute post. Gotta love those feline poses. Glad to hear that the pooch seems to have handled surgery ok.

Anonymous said...

I just love how much pets love us. Such cute photos of kitty... hee hee... pointing out the window.

Hope your pooch is okay. Rowdy gets his little (ahem) berries cut on Thursday. Poor baby, little does he know.


Country Girl said...

That third photo down? That one cracked me up!

Hope your dog feels much better soon. Poor guy.

claudia said...

That Calico of yours is a hoot!
I hope the "pup" is still doing well. I think I worry over my critters more than my girls. Of course, my girls are all adults and can supposedly take care of themselves. ;-)

Theresa said...

Give well wishes to Eddie please. I'm assuming at 13.5 it might be dental surgery and if it is, no crunchy stuff Ed, go for the cheese! ;)
Stay warm all.

Anonymous said...

Love the pets! We have a considerable menagerie ourselves.

I have a question about weaving rag rugs (I'm thinking that's what is in the picture above.) When I'm weaving with yarn (right now, 8/2 cotton yarn for log cabin towels) and I add a new bobbin, I overlap an inch or two and continue on with the new bobbin. How do you do it with rags? I'm thinking it would be thick enough to show the overlap, but I'd love to try a rag rug sometime (I'm saving old clothing now!)

Thanks for any help.

Sharon said...

I love your kitties. I so wish to have cats, as in plural. So wish Charlie weren't a sick kitty so we could have many. Ian applauds Charlie's virus - he's good with one kitty. Life is always changing - maybe one day.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts