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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Playing hookey.

Today I could have woven some blue jean rugs. Or some sock rugs. Or even some lodge rugs. I could have woven some more antique fabric rugs, or some place mats.
But I didn't.
I totally turned my back on all of that.
Instead, I searched my stash of thread, and came up with a combination that I liked, and hauled it upstairs to my Macomber loom.
Before long, I had the spools all wound, and was ready to wind some warp.
From december

It is a mix of different colors, different fibers, just my cuppa tea.
From december

Very soon, it was looking good.
From december

I plan on making some shawls, maybe some ruanas.
From december

The other cats came and went, but Miss Puss stayed with me the whole time, making sure I did what I was supposed to .
From december

By mid afternoon, I was weaving. I love it when a plan comes together.
From december

I listened to NPR, and the day just flew by.
I listened to a lot of things, including the President's talk about the state of the economy.

The thing that stuck with me at the end of the day was one sentence, from a show about the meaning of the soul.
'We are not physical beings having a spiritual experience, but we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.'
I am still chewing on that one.
This photo is not the best. But it made me think when I saw it on the screen. It reminds me of life. Sometimes it's blurry up close, and blurry way far out. But there is a place, somewhere in the middle, that everything is crystal clear.
From december

Back to real work tomorrow.


Nancy said...

Lovely as usual. I am always so intrigued by what you are up to.

That statement by the President - wow. I hope he means what he says...

jaimieb said...

I like the "blurry" close and far statement...It reminds me of, I think Rumi, who said something like..."out beyond ideas of right doing and wrong doing is a field, I'll meet you there."

Country Girl said...

Those colors are scrumptious. Just like my scarf. I love my scarf.

MountainBlessings said...

Wow, whatever that ends up being, its beautiful! Loomin, is that what its called, is something I would love to try. I have only seen it done. I live in the southwest and have seen the Indian woman do it, but I have never had the opportunity. I love all you little throws all over your house, so cute.

I am new to blogging and ran across your blog ad have really enjoyed your little world. I just recently retired (early) and am trying to get into blogging. I end up reading so many that I have not really worked on mine. My retirement being so recent I am in an adjustment phase, I guess, my schedule is all mixed up! Who would of thought, all these years you just think one day it will be heaven. Well I am working on it! But just wanted to drop you a note, I really enjoyed your blog! Happy Holidays! Marla

Sweetpea said...

Geez, excellent photos for describing your sentiment! Blurry bits are so important but what is in focus can not be ignored. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

Karen said...

Gorgeous color combo. on the cat, too :-)

Tiggeriffic said...

Somedays we have to do something different.. That is what makes daily living a joy. I have varied projects I work on and it just keeps me from getting bored. Love your cats..~!
Have a great Wednesday...ta ta for now from Iowa.

Jabberwarpy said...

Thank god you have the cats to keep you on track . . . .

homesteadweaver said...

"life... Sometimes it's blurry up close, and blurry way far out. But there is a place, somewhere in the middle, that everything is crystal clear." ... wow, that is so profound! That will be my inspiration today, but I think I spend a lot of time living in the middle, the "NOW." I'm afraid to look to far into the future.

DebbieB said...

Hilary, you always make me think. I am so very glad I found your blog.

What's the weft in your lovely new weaving?

Fragrant Liar said...

I love that last pic and the sentiments that you posted for it. So true!

And that calico is gorgeous. Makes me miss my little calico I once had. (sigh)

claudia said...

WoW! Making me think. Thank you.
The things you make are so beautiful.

Lili said...

What a yummy combination of colors and it's so fascinating that you are using thread. ~Lili

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Because every thread counts