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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sleep tight.

Excuse me, but you still look sick to me. Should you be here?
From december

Put a cork in it, Sydney. And get off my rug.
This is the Solmate Sock rug done on the black warp. I think it is striking. Do you like it?
From december

We put 750 yards on the loom, so I am hoping they sell well.
I think the black warp sets off the vibrant colors in the rug. I have to thank my good friend, Chris, of Homestead Weaving

She suggested it, and I took her advice. She is seldom off the mark.

I was only going to go to the studio for a couple of hours, but then I got busy, and I stayed a lot longer than I planned.
Something has been bothering me, and I made a couple of purchases that I thought would help to ease my mind.
First off, Momma kitty, or Bubbalee, who lives outside of her own volition, is always thirsty. When I feed her in the morning, she drinks first, and eats later. So I bought her this. No more freezing water for you, little girl.
From december

It holds one gallon of water, and if the temp falls below 40 degrees, it automatically starts heating it to that temp.
I think she loves it. Mr. Grayandwhite does, too.

You might call these Christmas presents to myself.....via Bubbalee.
I worry about her when the temps dip into the single digits. How can she stand that cold. She stays in the loft of the barn, but it is very cold up there. There are places you could put your hand out through the boards. It is a BARN. You've heard the term, "cold as a barn". There's a reason for that.
So I got her this. This is SO sweet.
From december

She has a blanket, positioned in the middle of bags of selvedge. So I went up there, while she was eating, and I positioned a bunch of the bags behind her spot, and around one side. I tried to block the wind, without making her feel trapped. Then I put the pad right on top of her blanket.
I went up just before I left for the day, and she was laying right on it.....she jumped down as I approached, so I went over and put my hand on it. It was comfortably warm.
It was pretty dark up there, but you get the idea.
From december

Now I am firmly lodged on the couch, going to get my pj's on, and do a little knitting, a little reading.
And tonight, Bubbalee will be warm, and sleep well.
And so will I.
Don't ya just love Christmas?


maggie said...

Hi Hilary from a very snowy UK !
I think your latest rug is beautiful, and very striking indeed. Whilst sorting and sifting through my stash, I found some velvet dresses; so the peg loom (the only loom I have); will no doubt be in use again very soon.

jaimieb said...

Ya know, there is a reason the hobos used to use the pictograph of a cat to mark the house of a kind woman!

Karen said...

You have a heart of gold, Hilary. :-)

Hilary said...

I am so glad that cat has you.. you're a gem.

Did you buy it in Quebec? Since when do you folks have French on your packaging? :)

And yes, the black is perfect with those wonderful colours.

claudia said...

You are a kitty angel. Bubbalee is so lucky to have you.

claudia said...

I also meant to say that I love the colors in the rug. Yes, indeed, the black sets off the colors so beautifully!

Darlene said...

It warms my heart to think of your kitty snug and warm out in the barn, with lots of warm water to drink. She's lucky to have you.

I love those Solmate sock looper rugs. The black warp really sets off the bright colors. Hope they sell well for you!

Country Girl said...

I loved this post, Hilary.

You did good.

(and i like the black with the soulmate rug)

Rural Rambler said...

Hilary you are too much! I am thanking you for being so good to those kitties. Every kitty deserves the good life. We are feeding a hungry wandering kitty right now. I worry about her in the cold too. I want to make her ours and she wants to be ours but there is a small dispute about whether she is a stray although she isn't really loved and taken care of like she should be.

I hope you get to feeling better so Sydney doesn't look so shocked and concerned when she sees you!

The rug is awesome. So are you.

Lynn said...

Aww... you are so nice to your stray kitties!

(Of course, I had to remove Sophie from my lap to be able to get to the keyboard to type this, and she is thoroughly annoyed with me.)

KarenInTheWoods said...

Yup black warp makes those colors POP!

You are the Kitty Guardian for sure. What a kind soul.

Karen and Steve
(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

DebbieB said...

You are such a blessing.

I do like the rug with the black warp. Striking for sure. But I'm sorry... did you say "750 yards"???????


Jabberwarpy said...

There is a place in heaven for you, Hillary.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts