Saturday, October 2, 2010

You know who you are.

Ah, weaving weekend. Or weaving boot camp, if you believe my husband.
Three wanna be rag rug weavers, and me, and of course the resident cats.
Who's in charge anyway???
From september

Looms are creaking, and beaters are banging away all over the place.
From september

The studio is a flurry of activity from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon.

From september

The only reason I am blogging right now is because everyone is happily weaving away.
Not much else to do on Saturday night in Kingsbury.
From september

I am always excited when I see how quickly new weavers catch on, and somtimes, start a lifetime of weaving.
From september

The baby kitties are staying at Tammy's for the weekend, and maybe into the week, if they are good, and I am lucky.
Let's hear it for Tammy. She is the cat whisperer, that girl, and if she wasn't so old, I would adopt her.

Everywhere there were cats on duty. It isn't easy keeping track of all this commotion you know.
From september

And someone has to do quality control.
From september

So after weaving late last night, and then weaving all day today, finally at 5pm, I was on my way home. Everyone goes off and does their own thing for dinner Saturday evening, and I check in at home for a bit. Before I left the studio, I stopped to fetch the mail. Doing so can some times be hazardous. I never want to wait for the cars to pass, and sometimes, I make a run for it.
If it's your time, it's your time. In my humble opinion.
Anyway, I get back to the car, and see this.
From september

Hmm, I am not expecting anything. No return address.
On the back of the envelope, it said this:
From september

Now you have my attention.
Then this.
From september

Now you're making me tear up.
You know who you are.
And it isn't the money, although, yes, it will buy a big bag of cat food for the little ones.
But what it really is, is that you took time out of your day, to put this $20 in an envelope, and send it to me.
That, dear friend, makes me just want to cry. The feeling comes from a place I can't even connect with right now.
But after a busy, frustrating week, feeling wiped out, and not very effective, YOU make me feel that there is a collective conscience out there, at the other end of my fingers typing this.
And it is all good. And it makes me feel good.
And God, I thank you.
Thanks to everyone for all your encouragement, and your well wishes, and for telling me that there is a place in heaven for me, even when I feel like a fool.


claudia said...

What a wonderful soul to help you like that!
Your weaving weekend looks like a fun, relaxing, hard working time. I can't wait to finally get a loom and teach myself "how to". It just seems like a Zen thing to do, and I really need some Zen!

Lona said...


Hilary said...

What a lovely, thoughtful gesture. Hopefully Tammy will work her magic and your babies will find homes.

Anonymous said...

I can't *imagine* who sent that. That $20 is way less than I've gotten from you.

Country Girl said...

What a kind and thoughtful gesture. Much like the ones you often make!
Hey, what goes around comes around . . .

DebbieB said...

Bless your efforts with the cats. I have 6 myself, and can't accommodate any more, but my heart breaks for strays with short, rough lives. Thanks for what you do.

I got my Hip To Be Square loom in the mail yesterday and have already made 3 potholders - they're adorable! I love this. I have floor looms and rigid heddles, but this charming little loom will get lots of love and attention as well. :)

Anonymous said...

Somebody is watching out for your kitty babies... How wonderful and what a big heart bloggers have!


SpinMeAYarn said...

Hi Hilary,
just saying Hi and coming out of lurkingdom...
hope the kittens get well socialised, I'm sure you'll find good homes for them. What a thoughtful gesture that someone would send you 20 dollars for the kitties!!!
The photos of the weaving workshop look great, I promise myself I will do a weaving workshop sometime, but maybe not in USA, as I live in Ireland. However, my husband is Swedish and they do lots of weaving there, so maybe it'll be Sweden I weave in...
I wonder if I should send for a Hip to be Square loom, then again I am very busy at present and I don't even know how to judge how much fabric I would need to have to complete a potholder, absolute newbie here...
so maybe best to leave it for now, and come back to it when I could do the loom justice...

Mare said...

That is so sweet. It nearly made me cry too...

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Because every thread counts