Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Ah, the end of a long day.

A part time apprentice wannabe has appeared.
Praise be!
We wove half of a big rug today, and it went quite well. She is a quick study. Yahoo.
I am relieved and encouraged.
And the best news: someone came to socialize the kitties.....the daughter of a friend of a friend. She called and then came and took them home with her. She has a doggie day care, and loves animals. And my relief is IMMENSE.
All of this has made it perfectly clear to me that my kitten catching days are done. I felt like I was trying to empty the ocean with a spoon. I am sure they will come back, hopefully ready to be adopted. The shelters don't want feral kittens, or sick ones either. So they have to be sociable. And when they come back, they will be on their way to the vets.
But from now on, my boundary will be clear. I will trap stray/feral cats for the purpose of neutering only, and then I will release them......unless of course, they are like Sydney, and they jump into your lap saying 'take me home'. But when they are wild, oh dear, they are wild.
I will do what I feel is my part, but I can't do it all.
So tonight, I came home and made my favorite mac and cheese, with some broccoli, and rolls, and a salad, too. I put my summer clothes away. Made a pot of tea. Took a dish of dessert into my mother.
She said," Oh, what's this, ice cream?"
I said, "No, it's tuna, but it DOES look like ice cream, doesn't it?"
From october

It is coconut ice cream from Martha's, and it was delicious.

From october

A perfect ending to a productive day.
I loved all your comments. Thank you for being out there, and for believing I can figure it out.
You make me believe that I can.


Tiggeriffic said...

An answered prayer, you have an apprentice to help you with your looming and someone came to get the kitties.. Oh how wonderful~!
Your Mom looks so sweet.. When you said ice cream I remembered I have a blizzard from Dairy Queen in the freezer. I only eat a small amount and then save it for the next day.. So far it's lasted for 3 days..
Love your blog~! Have a great day~!~!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking I would love coconut flavored tuna. HA!

KarenInTheWoods said...

I hear you on the shelters not wanting feral cats.

I once took in the three baby kittens of a feral mom. We found the kittens all homes, but the feral mom didn't want to be inside no way no how. My neighbor took her in and she clawed up all the curtains trying to get out of the house in the middle of the night. She would not adpapt after a week or two. He had to let her go again. Sigh. Probably to have a dozen more litters out there. Wish we could have fixed her, but it was over $100 a cat in our town. Outta my meager budget to do that for a stray. But I still feel bad about it.

Karen and Steve
(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

debbie @ happy little cottage said...

Glad things worked out for you. Coconut ice cream sounds divine!

Nancy said...

What an utterly kind thing to do - trap and neuter feral cats. You have a kind heart, dear Hilary.

claudia said...

I would like a bowl of tuna please?!?
Sounds delicious.
YAY! for the new apprentice. All you had to do was put the request out there to the universe, and the universe answered back.
YAY1 again for the kitten socializer. I hope it all works out for them! And you!

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Because every thread counts