Friday, October 29, 2010


Being happy is a choice I make today.
I try to make it every single day.

From mt defiance

I won't lie and tell you that my life has been perfect, or that I have always made the best decisions.
But even in the worst of times, and oh, God, there were some of those, I tried to make that decision.
Be happy.
I tried to 'create myself' by the choice to be happy.
From mt defiance

I think really, what other choice is there?
Just do it.
From mt defiance

Be happy.


Sharon said...

The only individuals who make perfect decisions are in fiction. There are plenty of choices and plenty of wrong ones. I'm thrilled to be amongst the ranks of happy survivors.

Christmas-etc... said...

Absolutely correct! Happiness is more than anything, a choice! Great post!

Karen said...

I want to be amongst the ranks of happy survivors too. I've been struggling with this very thing lately because of decisions I've made over the years for probably the wrong reasons. But I want to be happy and I keep telling myself daily to make it a choice. I am so fortunate in some ways and I need to stop letting the things that aren't what I had hoped, the things that I can't change like being half-deaf, etc... get to me.

Easier said than done, but surely not impossible. YES.

Anonymous said...

I can't say I've always been completely happy. The human brain just doesn't work that way with all of it's chemical goings on. Hormones, serotonin, dopamine. The brain is like a little mad scientist/chemist that makes us feel what IT wants us to feel. Sometimes ya just have to tell the chemist to , 'knock it off'. I do a pretty good job of ordering him around.


Silvia said...

I admire your mental attitude.
Gruß Silvia


We want bumper stickers that say "Rugz Rule"

Unknown said...

Absolutely correct. Be Happy - choose it each day!


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