Sunday, October 3, 2010

A little relief.

I'm home, Eddie.

From september

Weaving weekend completed. Everyone was very productive, and I think they enjoyed themselves. They each left with three completed projects. Rugs, table runners. The cats entertained, got in the way, followed us around, and generally liked having company.

And now I have to get back to work this week. I have orders in line. Hip to Be Square Looper Loom kits to put together. Lots to do.
I am going to have to rustle up some help with two 6x9 rugs. I can do a 4' wide loom by myself with the help of my rolling chair, but a 6' one is just too much. Gotta have that second person catching the shuttle on the other end.
Maybe it is time to look for another apprentice, even though Tammy will be a hard act to follow.
Someone who wants to learn to weave, who will cut fabric, wind warp, do some weaving, and just about anything else that needs to be done. A little money, a lot of free information and education.
Someone with a good attitude, who doesn't whine, who likes to be busy.
I could put it on Craig's List, but oh my, I can just imagine the responses I might get.
Tammy just walked in one day, and said she was bored.
What are the chances that could happen again?
Off to the hot tub..........later.


Anonymous said...

Awwww, look at Eddie. Oblivious to the world. I love dogs so much.

Hey, good luck with the Craigslist listing. I'd help you out if I were in your area, but alas.


re'New said...

I would apply for the position in a heartbeat, but the commute is a killer...

Christmas-etc... said... you have an interesting blog! Weaving and cats and dogs! I don't know much about weaving - except that it's an amazing thing to do - but I'm looking forward to following along! The cats and the that's something I do know about!Love them!! Please stop my blog (It's a bit different too - a history blog about St. Nicholas and Christmas) if you have time and follow along if you think it's something you'd like! I'd love to have you!
# 129!!

claudia said...

I wish I were closer...again! I am not a whiner, I love to keep busy, and I really, really want to learn to weave. And you have dogs and cats! But alas, I am at the other end of the states. (The thought of taking a leave of absence from my job passed through my head!)
Good luck in finding an appropriate apprentice.

Tiggeriffic said...

You would be so much fun to work with, I would love to come an help out...but Iowa is a bit of a drive to where you live. Plus I think Ben would not like GranAnnie that far from where he lives.
I told my husband yesterday on the back of our property I would like to build a building that would be the size of a one car would have to be heated with windows.. It would be considered my sewing cottage.. I would like to come to your place and learn how to use a loom and make rugs.. He just rolled his eyes... I think that was a "No"... Someday..

Catherine said...

Yikes Hilary I do wish I were closer---but you and I would spend too much time smacking our heads over all the crazy stuff we have in common we'd never get anything done.
Yeah, the cat thing can be really overwhelming but we can only do what we can. Outside my studio yesterday afternoon one of the regulars who has been scarce lately debuted her latest contribution to feral society: eight, count 'em, adorable little wild childs. She's very smug about setting that record. I'll snatch up who I can when it's time and keep trying for the two mamas who remain unimpressed by my pleading and good intentions. Between critter catching and those crazy addictive potholders, not a lot of rug weaving going on here, but it's all good.
Thanks for the swell playlist--perfect for a rainy afternoon at this old farmhouse while I'm cleaning out a room behind the kitchen to set up a little studio here at an Orco74 for free last Monday.
Hooray for that anonymous donor--wish I had thought of it first.

Country Girl said...

I believe the right person will come along, just when you both need each other. I know you need someone immediately, though!

Need A Latte Mom said...

Wish I lived closer cause I would be your girl!

KarenInTheWoods said...

I bet you had fun with your Weaving Weekend... sure looks like fun! Wish I lived closer, I could help you doubleteam on that rug order and get it done toot-sweet!

Karen and Steve
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Because every thread counts