Saturday, October 16, 2010

Let's wrap it up!

Finishing up on Maine, ok?
We got up early, and got on the road. DH and I both agree on that one.
From october

It was cold, but still a beautiful morning.
From october

Then, because we could, and because it is somewhat of a tradition with us, we stopped at CONGDON'S!
You who know Congdon's totally understand our compulsion. You know who you are!
From october

I wanted one of EVERYTHING. I can't help it.
It is the antithesis to Weight Watchers.
The scourge of any diet plan you ever heard of.

From october

You know what I'm talking about.
From october

No Dunkin Donuts here. The real deal, made this morning.....fresh, right here.
From october

So now we can say goodbye to Maine, for another October. Sugar on our fingers.
From october

I have actually been back at work since these pictures, but it is nice to take my time posting them. Reliving it, so to speak. It was a nice break.
I think I have decided to take MORE breaks. I know, I go through this periodically. Work like a dog, then try to slow myself down. I guess it is destined to be an ongoing struggle.
Guess I'm a work in progress.
I love all of your comments....makes me feel like I have a whole lot of friends all over the globe.
Now tell me, how can ya' hate that?

Got to get back to weaving, and packing up Hip to Be Square Looper Looms.
And one of my Weaving Weekenders cancelled for the last week of October, so I have to advertise the opening.
Tonight, I am just going to put my feet up.
Just call me slacker. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh, I wouldn't dream of calling you slacker. That's my title! I am the original slacker.


Hilary said...

I had a hunch that Congdon's would make an appearance soon. You have me drooling. Yes, I know exactly how yummy they are.. like no other I've ever tasted. Bad, Hilary! ;)

Karen said...

Those donuts look sooooo good. *sigh* Nothin like it around here. OK, Hilary. I have dimensions for you. Do you have a jeans rug made that measures about 72" long by 31" wide? I know, weird dimensions.

claudia said...

You say slacker as if it's a bad thing. In your case, I believe you deserve to slack.
And about that working like a dog and then trying to slow yourself down...keep practicing, because practice makes perfect!
Yummm, donuts...they look so inviting! Nothing better than fresh made donuts.

Gail said...

Breaks are always good.

I not sure if the beautiful sunset or the doughnuts are my favorite picture...still deciding.

Doris said...

The pictures are beautiful. I envy you being close to Maine - such a beautiful state. The doughnuts look so yummy - any excuse to get them is a good excuse! (Moments in Time)

Tiggeriffic said...

Can you imagine what an art it is to make those donuts? They all look so inviting to my taste buds.. I loved the pic's with the clouds..Never been to Maine but it looks so inviting.. Someday.
Keep up the good makes one feel complete ~! W/out work we would have no excuse to sit.. Anyway WE are not sitters/slackers ~ we care about what we do like mad hatters..I would hate to be a couch potato...with a remote..Have a great day~!~!

re'New said...

Oh, to be able to take a vacation - I'm at a place in my life right now, it is just not a possibility! and those dang donuts -- I'm on a diet, good thing there isn't a bakery close by, I'd be over there in a minute! btw - got the loopers and I'm back to having my little mini fun spots in my days with them...

Anonymous said...

New Music!

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts