Tuesday, July 6, 2010


If there is one thing I hate, it's Mr. Ding- A- Ling. With his flashing SLOW light, and his annoying circus rendition of "When the saints go marching in", forgive me, but I could/would disable that little white van if I could. Besides, they are always coming around dinner time, to sell ice cream to all the kids in the neighborhood. What I don't understand is why the mothers up and down the street aren't chasing that truck right on outta here.
Go away.
My husband said I was having a case of road rage tonight.........grumbling and griping and threatening bodily harm to other drivers, who remained oblivious, I might add.
It just seemed like there was no end to clueless people, behind the wheel. People pulling out in front of me, ignoring all the rules of the road.
It's the testosterone. As we women get older, and get more testosterone, we take less crap. It is my firm belief that when we were young women, we should have been able to buy a 'patch', and we would have been standing up for ourselves a lot sooner.
That's my theory, and I am sticking to it.
Maybe it's the heat getting to me.Today was brutal. If this is what it is like in the southern states, all summer long, I don't know how anyone lives there. Of course, check back with me next January, and those same people will be asking me how I like northeast NY.
I did get some dyeing done today, but every time I went outside to do it, I was drenched in 5 minutes. Cooked.
Miss Puss said it was too hot to do anything.
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It was fairly cool in the house, in the way old houses stay cool in the summer, if you don't open the windows.
So I worked on rugs.
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This one says south of the border to me.
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These next three are from fabric I just dyed.
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I have been wearing a white Hazmat suit........ my clothes were starting to have dye spots all over them.
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I am quite the sight out in the back yard, with my white suit and my crocs on over it.
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Dyeing is more time consuming than I imagined at first. Most of the time involves cutting and winding the fabric so it doesn't turn into a tangled mess in the dye bath.
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This last one is purple and white and green.
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From Untitled Album

I have decided that I probably need to hire an apprentice. There is just too much to do. I am kind of hoping that someone, the right person, just kind of walks in. I am probably dreaming, but I am afraid (somewhat) to put it on Craig's list. I want someone who wants to learn to weave, and put warp on looms, and prepare fabric, and all the rest of it; someone who won't start a business next door and compete with me; someone who isn't afraid to work, and who doesn't mind not making a lot of money, in return for learning a ton of stuff. And someone who is not annoying to be around. A non smoker.
I know, I want a lot. Tammy is the reason I have such high expectations, but she has a real job, and a busy life.
And besides, I love getting new weavers started on their brand new weaving life. :)
Hope you are all laying low, and staying cool, wherever you are.


Restless Knitter said...

There's something about the purple, green, and white rug that I especially like. I think it reminds me of one of those seeing eye pictures, like there's a design in it that I know is there but I can't find it just yet.

Anonymous said...

Miss Puss certainly has the right idea today. Tomorrow will be hotter for us. It makes me weary and a slug too!


Kelly H-Y said...

Oh my goodness ... we're always noticing and commenting on the fact that they come RIGHT at dinner time ... it makes no business sense at all! :-)

Hilary said...

It's hot, hot, hot here too. Love the "South of the Border" colours.. for me that's south of two borders. ;) Keep cool!

Country Girl said...

The heat is directly related to the short fuse/road rage you describe. It just is.

And I love that first rug. Did you notice that Blogger is listing the wrong amount of comments again? On your original post, it said there were 2 comments in here. But I see I'm the 4th. I went back and looked at mine and was surprised to find that it's been going on for the past two days. Crazy Blogger.

KarenInTheWoods said...

Oh the purple white and green one speaks to me!

Karen and Steve
(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

Tracey9AD said...

I love the south of border one! Gorgeous colors. I have to agree with the patch idea... The heat is just plain ridiculous. We broke a record yesterday at 105 and we are set to do it again today.

Hugs, my friend. Glad I had time to stop in again today!

joyce said...

I would love to apply for the job. Unfortunately, I live in Iowa and it is too long a commute! I wish we lived closer. Honestly, I would take you up on the apprenticeship. I have always wanted to weave rag rugs. Seriously!

Anonymous said...

the little girls' skirts are so adorable.
I have taken a size 5 pair of jeans apart at the
seam; would you mind posting how to cut across
the legs for a cute fit? also, I am curious how much thrifty little jeans are up in New York. here in NH they start at $3.95, but maybe they'll have a bag day. thanks for posting the darling photos.

Tina J said...

What would the commute be from Tennessee?

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts