Thursday, July 29, 2010


I don't often wind a warp by hand. I am so geared to warping sectionally, and I have gotten pretty efficient at it, so using the warping board kind of makes me shiver.
But because I was not into dragging the equipment home to my Baby Wolf, and I didn't really have time to wind all the spools I would need, I bit the bullet and wound my towel warp on the board.
If you have done that, you know that sometimes those little spools roll around the floor, and make you want to swear, or maybe they DO make you swear.
Anyway, a while back, this old guy who used to work at a local (now closed) textile mill, brought me some stuff he had kept from it.
This was one of the things he brought me.

From studio

Now when he gave it to me, it was covering a big cone of thread, and it actually turned and locked on the spool. But I decided it might work for these.
So I put it over them.
From studio

There is a little sponge thing inside it, that the thread goes through first, and then up through the hole. And it worked like a charm. No little cones rolling around the floor, attracting attention from the kitties who 'stalk' me.
From studio

And the warp went on nicely.
From studio

Then it was time for the grandchildren, at least 3 of the 4. They swam in the pool, and frolicked in the hot tub.
From studio

Has anyone ever figured out why Mimi's/Grammy's by whatever name, get so goofy about this next generation?
From studio

Can anyone tell me how suddenly you are struck by lightning all over again?
And here is my Eddie, in his favorite spot by the window. He is in charge of our street, don't ya' know.
From studio

I am goofy over him, as well.
Maybe I am just goofy.
It's been said.


Anonymous said...

All Grammys are goofy. It just goes with the title.


Lynda said...

I agree! There's nothing like grandchildren to bring out the "kid" in me! That's why we all get so pooped after a visit.

Hilary said...

Those kidlets are just gorgeous.. you're entitled to your goofiness. ;)

Loom: Warp Speed

(can you tell I'm having fun with this?)

Theresa said...

Beautiful grandkids and how nice they are close enough for you to get goofy over on a regular basis. The old man is looking quite dapper.
I wonder what he's thinking. Maybe that he could have sworn he could see to the end of the street not too long ago. Sigh, time marches on and none are spared.

Benita said...

I love measure out warp on a warping board. I love the rhythm of my arms as they go back and forth. I love watching the colors build up and make the pattern I am wanting. I listen to music while I work and it's like dancing with it.

KarenInTheWoods said...

Awww the Eddie just pulls at my heartstrings. Sigh.

And those grandkids are just goofygorgeousgreat!

Neato invention for the warp tubes too!

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts