Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Maybe I should take more time off. It seems to have lit a fire under me. I got so much done today, it's scary.

First of all, I finished a stair runner. It is just lying over my own stair runner so I could take a picture of it, now my old one looks boring to me......I want THIS ONE.
Not really, it belongs to a customer.
From studio

I spent a lot of time finding, cutting, winding all the fabric for this runner, but when I started weaving it, I was glad, because it went so much faster.

From studio

My newest rugs: sherbet rugs.
The soft pastel colors remind me of the colors of sherbet.
From studio

I had a lot of fun taking pictures of them in progress.
From studio

From studio

These rugs are bumpy, but soft and cushy.
From studio

They look like sherbet mountains.
From studio

As much as I love the bright, vibrant colors of the Solmate sock rug, these pastels are a breath of fresh air.
From studio

Oh, my, I am having so much fun.


Anonymous said...

When having purchased woven rag rugs in the past I've always found that they shrink too much for my liking. What's the best way to wash and care for them, or should I just not place them in the dryer?

(Love your sherbet rugs!!)

Lynda said...

I love your blog! Those sherbet rugs look fabulous. What did you use for the weft? I look forward to reading it everyday.

Anonymous said...

I like the little mountains of serbert especially since it's only 9:30 am and we are in the upper 80's down here, I'd love to be swimming in serbert. I like the change of the colors they are lighter looking than your soulmate rugs, but equally as pretty.

Tracey9AD said...

Love the stair runner and the sherbet rug! You do some amazing work.

Benita said...

Sherbert Mountains!! I love it! It such a nice visual and as hot as it is right now, I wish I could visit them.

Sharon said...

That stair runner is huge! It makes me realize that I can make a 10' rug too. Thanks!

Hilary said...

Perfect summer colours. I love those brights.. sherbert for sher!

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Because every thread counts