Monday, July 12, 2010

Just a little nuts

I just got out of the pool, where I was jogging in the deep end. It is great exercise, and my knees are kind of screaming from the hour walk I took last night, on the macadam road, in the heat. I asked my mother to holler out the window, when I had been out there for a half hour. After what seemed like a long time, she opened the window, and said, "you got 5 more minutes." I said OK, and kept jogging. She finally came out the back door, onto the porch, and said, "that was 10 minutes ago that I hollered out the window."
I said, "I thought you were going to let me know after 30 min, not 40."
Her answer: "None of the clocks in this house are the same."
ACK!!!!!!! I kind of expected her to look at ONE clock, and when 30 minutes had gone by on THAT clock, I figured she would let me know.
I don't think my mother has Alzheimer's. I think she has 'terminal weirdness'.
It may be a family trait.
I am grateful, though, for the pool. It is certainly a welcome relief after a long, hot day. It is a regular size, in ground pool. It brings to mind the pool I bought for my kids, back when we lived in the country. It was a round pool, above ground, 28' across. It sat into the bank, and three levels of deck led down to it. Sometimes, we floated around in it, and watched the deer out in the field. I bought a light, that you hooked over the side, and at night, it glowed softly in the dark.
Occasionally, a bat would swoop down to drink. When I sold the house, the new owners tore the pool down. Guess they didn't want the aggravation.
But they also didn't get the perks.
Life is a trade off, is it not?
I am exercising, and watching my diet like a hawk. It is time.
I was remembering, the other day, how much I weighed when my first daughter was a baby. At the time, I thought I was disgustingly fat. Now, I would give my life savings to weigh that much.
Then I remembered how much I weighed when I was ready to DELIVER my third, and last daughter. I STILL weigh more than that.
Enough said. Stay tuned. You think I was a pit bull about giving up Prilosec? I am on a mission.
When I have photos that look GOOD, I will post them along with the ones that look BAD.
I promise.

I had three bags of old tee shirts. They have just acquired a second life. I can't wait to see them woven into rugs.
From studio
I had a very productive day at the studio.
First off, I finished a 12' caterpillar rug for an order. I started it two days ago, laying all those sock strips in is time consuming.
But I like the is definitely different.
From studio

Then I cut 18 lbs of fabric for my next order, in shades of whites, pale yellow, pale turquoise, and beige. It is a stair runner, and needs to be woven 232" long. I cut the strips narrow, and wound two colors together in each ball, so the colors will change subtly and not look striped.
From studio

OK, I am coming clean.
It is true, I talk to my cats.
All the time.
From Crazy as a Loom

You BIT me.
I didn't.
Yes. YES, you did.
Well, OK, but I didn't bite you hard.
You bit me.
It didn't bleed.
I can't believe you BIT me.
I saved your skinny butt, and now you BITE me?????
I'm sorry.
I won't do it again.
I'm disgusted with you. Stop looking at me.
Well, you shouldn't have moved me. I was comfortable.
That's why I bit you.
You're ungrateful.


Anonymous said...

I am so laughing at the 'terminal weirdness' thing.


Gail said...

I think I have that too! Or she could just have a strange sense of humor and was enjoying your suffering.

Fragrant Liar said...

I speak cat as well. I love your kitty's face, and she does look quite comfy on that rug. You might have deserved the nip.

Karen said...

Love that caterpillar rug!!! And the image of floating around in the pool looking out over a field with deer.

You are a busy woman!... I like the color combos of the runner too... where do your hands/fingers find the energy???

weaverpat said...

If I had a dollar for every time those little pink mouths opened up and I had to say 'NO biting!', I'd be rich.

Lili said...

Oh my goodness you had me laughing so hard. The image of your kitty is priceless with that conversation! You are so talented, that caterpiller rug is gorgeous and I'm crazy for the subtle shades you're going to be using for the stair runner. And is that your porch? WOW! ~Lili

ethelmaepotter! said...

Dear Jinx, (or is it Miss Puss?)

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Spooky, and I own a perfectly lovely woman named Ethelmaepotter. I believe she and your Hilary are acquainted.

First, may I say that you are a fine representative of our species - I envy your stripes. Are they cool in the heat of summer? A thick solid black coat such as mine requires that I spend much of the summertime indoors. I would love to try stripes, but I fear they may make me look fat.

Second, I agree with you that Miss Hilary should have never moved you when you were so comfortable. That is sooooo annoying! not realize the preparation we must put into a proper nesting spot - sniffing out just the right area, encircling it to measure our bodies against it, kneading it to just the right degree of softness, and finally curling into a tight ball of warmth. How dare she interrupt your slumber!

Having said that, though, I think it most inadvisable to bite her. I mean, think about it - she does provide you food so that you need never hunt again, expect for pure sport, does she not? She does allow you inside the house, doesn't she, and it seems you have access to some extremely comfortable soft fabric strips. (I am SOOOOOOOO jealous!) And apparently she did rescue you from some unknown fate, didn't she?

Most ill advised.

BUT...never, EVER apologize. Just close your eyes and let her sweat it out.

Until we meet again,

Sweetpea said...

I just love visiting here...your weaving is so dang inspiring! That 12' special order is GORGEOUS (they'd better adore it or its MINE!!!) and I can't wait to see what you're going to do with that stair runner :>]]

Tina J said...

I too, am on a mission, by November I want to see less of me! I went out and bought a belt that fits my form. It is to remind me to hold it in, and to push back from the table! I am doing the jogging thing too! We must be twins!

Cait Throop said...

OMG I had to laugh out loud--don't know which is funnier your Mom or the cat conversation!!!! My Mom is so like that! Terminal weirdness--have to remember that one!!!! xo Cait

KarenInTheWoods said...

Oh your caterpillar rug is just what I was thinking of working on next.. as soon as I finish up two other ones for a customer. Those *caterpillars* are gonna be SO MUCH FUN to work with!

Your kitty conversation so aptly shows exactly what those furry little buggers think!

Karen and Steve
(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

Sharon said...

That's what I told my son last week. I weigh now what I weighed when I delivered you! I want the extra weight to go away, I just don't want to work at it.

Hilary said...

I can commiserate about needing to shed (more than) a few pounds. I just saw a photo of myself in a swimsuit and gasped out loud.

As for the kitty chat... is that supposed to be strange? Oh oh! It's been a lifelong habit for me and mine. said...

Do you ever do any caterpillar rugs as a table runner?? 'Cause I can already see it on my table!
PLZ let me know if you do - and what it would cost! (besides, priceless!)
Thanks for considering it!

Tiggeriffic said...

Terminal Illiness,,what a hoot.. I think I have that sometimes.. at least that's what my daughters say,, They just don't enjoy humor from someone who is 1/2 way to 132... I so enjoy your blog and laugh, drink my coffee, and just wonder what your next blog will bring to my life..
I talk to cats, dogs or even my wildbirds..It's kind of relaxing, dogs are very attentive but cats just walk away.. Love the biting story.. LOL Have a great day~! Love your blog~!~!

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