Friday, July 30, 2010


When I went to Middlebury, Vt recently, I did some shopping in the Food Co-op there, it is my favorite. I bought some beans to sprout.
I had a sprouter, but honestly, a good old Mason jar is your best bet.
I put some mung beans in a clean jar. (and threw the fancy dancy sprouter in the garbage can)

From studio

I covered the beans with water, and let them set for 8-10 hours.
Note the screen and the rubber band on top. (I knew that broken screen would come in handy if I kept it long enough)
From studio

I rinse them twice a day, and set the jar on its side, shaking it a bit to distribute the beans as evenly as I can between rinses.
Day 3.......delicious bean sprouts that I eat like they were peanuts. Rinse them, and store in zip lock bag in fridge.
From studio

They do not last long.
I got mung beans, and lentils. They are both lovely in salads, in a wrap, any way you want to eat them. They are incredibly cheap, easy, and much fresher than the ones you pay big bucks for in the grocery store.

I am sitting on my sofa, the sun is about to set. The window is open, and there is a lovely evening breeze. It is quiet.
Still. Quiet. Very unlike my house this time of night.
DH is at some political dinner, and the TV is.......................HORRORS.............OFF!
Will I go to hell in a hand basket, as I have been warned my whole life? Sitting in the quiet, just the sound of Eddie occasionally licking his lips on the couch next to me (dinner must have been good, eh Ed?)
I love the stillness. I have always loved it, even as a kid. Noise is good sometimes, TV is good on occasion, music is wonderful. But nothing, nothing, is as soothing or as sweet as silence. IMHO.
It has been a long, exhausting week. Lots of commotion, lots of noise, commitments, time restraints, kid restraints. And the grand finale, a summer cold.
So yes, tonight, the quiet is like an old friend, come to linger.
I am filled with gratitude tonight. My dear friend, Penny, has just come through a harrowing medical procedure in Boston, with wonderful results. Thank you, God. She has been on my mind all day, and finally, the phone rang,(a WELCOME noise) and it was her husband with the good news. Hallelujah. She has had a tough road.
And thanks to my friend, Chris, who suggested that I use CARDBOARD.......yes, cardboard, between my placemats, instead of fabric strips.......and besides what other great uses are there for Priority Mail boxes?
From studio

These crazy, colorful placemats I am making have sparked my imagination. At first, I called them Fiesta placemats, until the OTHER HILARY said, "oh, how about TABLE DANCERS".......placemats made from socks.....Table Dancers, oh, my......I LOVE IT.
So that is what they are. Some names just reach right down into your head and say YES.
Like Caterpillar Rugs.....perfect.
I guess if I were motivated, I would be putting a Trademark or something on all these things. If I were. Sounds like a lot of trouble to me.
Much more fun to just weave up a roll of them.
From studio

The colors just happen. Serendipity. Spontaneity. Let it be.
From studio

To my way of thinking, you can just spend too much time trying to control everything around you, when the reality is, if you are just quiet.......... the right color, the right name, the perfect idea.............will come to you in time.
From studio

I believe that.


Anonymous said...

We live for quiet at our house... EXCEPT when Hubby has the TV on. Then I go a bit crazy.


Tiggeriffic said...

It's after 11 here in Iowa and past my bedtime. But I just had to come and look at your blog before going to bed. It's the greatest thing and I tell everyone I know that if they need some humor and some insight on how to do things to just come to your blog..I love your idea about how to make bean sprouts..That is so cool.. I didn't know that one could make their own..
I'll be praying for Penney and her husband.. Whenever one is going through a difficult time medically it's always good to pray for their spouse too.
I love quiet in my husband loves to have the TV on whether he is in the room or not. He said he needs the noise.. I just like the quiet so sometimes I go outside and sit in the shade and look at my garden and watch the birds and butterflies go for the coneflowers.. and the zinneas..
Well, thanks so much for the informative post and my day has been complete.. I read your post.. you are so cool...

Sharon said...

That's a crazy heap of color you got going on - yipes. Yeah, gotcha on the TV. I asked Ian why we spend $100 a month to turn it on an hour a week. Cuz. Ugh.

Karen said...

Love the beansprout idea, and why didn't I ever think of that! So easy, fresh and cheap!...

You should patent your ideas, they are terrific, you might as well benefit from them. And, please tell me you are sending me just a few things for the shop? They are all lovely and I need more for THis Old House. Your colors, your use of "things".. is wonderful.

Good luck and quick healing to your friend Penny.

Rambling said...

I don't weave, but I love looking at your photos! The colors are wonderful.

Hilary said...

First, I'm happy that you received good news about your friend. She is a lucky Penny. I love your photos of sprouts and of course of your coulourful work. I'm glad you liked the name Table Dancers. :)

bspinner said...

I haven't heard of anyone growing bean sprouts in ages. Brings back alot of memories.

I'm so happy your friend Penny is doing well. She's lucky to have you as her friend.

I love your colorful placemats!!!!! They make me happy and being happy is important.

TV. Bill has it on all day long and it about drives me crazy. Thank God I have my studio where I can't hear it.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts