Monday, July 26, 2010

Name a loom, and a giveaway

Ah, a cooler night for sleeping. That's what I'm talking about.
The string of hot nights, and hotter days, has been exhausting.
I know I shouldn't complain. Winter will be here soon enough.
My granddaughter is here all week, going to summer day camp for horsemanship. She is very excited. Oh, to be 6 yrs old, at horse camp during the day, and spoiled by your doting Mimi the rest of the time.
I am so busy this week, so far too busy to even pick up my camera.
So you will have to make do with Sydney Sue.
From studio

I have to tell you, this girl has a list of people who would take her home in a heartbeat.
Imagine that.

I am trying to be patient, waiting for the prototype for this new potholder loom. I want to experiment with it a bit, make sure it suits me, before I go ordering a barn full.........ha! (I just said that for DH's benefit)
I have been planning the packaging of it. Probably a gusseted plastic bag that you can see through, with a folded piece of card stock over the top. I want to 'brand' on the side of every little loom. I have been told that I jump too far ahead of myself (who said that?), but in my head, it is just good business to lay the groundwork of what you are doing next.
I am trying to think of a "name" for this little loom, something to put on the header tag, besides my 'Crazy as a Loom' logo. My husband suggested, "Here we go loop de loop loom". Good grief, can't we find a LONGER name?
I said I am going to ask all my blogging friends to do some brainstorming. I need something catchy, something other than 'potholder loom', which to me is somewhat limiting. Yes, you can make lovely potholders with this loom, but that being said, those 9" squares can be sewn together to make lots of other things.
So, "Crazy as a Loom __________________"
I should be coming up with this, but I'm not.
Help me out people.
And a giveaway, which of course is..........drum roll.............a blankety blank potholder loom! With loopers!!!
All you have to do is leave a comment, and suggest a name. The giveaway is not going to the name I choose,(that person will just have bragging rights) but will just be drawn from a basket of mother, the official drawer of names will preside, and I will draw it Wednesday night at 8pm.
Hopefully, I will get my camera out tomorrow........lest you start calling me 'slacker'.


Delighted Hands said...

Ha-what fun! Weavette has been taken and so have lots of other ideas I have.... Okay, how about Crazy as a Loom's Mini Weaver . Your enthusiasm is charming! (I live with an idea man but he usually just needs to talk about them and doesn't carry too many out...)

Anonymous said...

Love your honest, fresh, way of expression. The work you do each day is astounding. Allways enjoy a peek
at your sense of colour. Thank you for sharing via
your blog. As an ode to weavettes... how about:

Anonymous said...

I like the other suggestions....they are cute!

I came up with the simple and descriptive....the palm weaver....for those little jobs.

Love the little pot holders and I think you have found a great way to use up the little bits of fibre I have leftover from other projects! Thanks for the inspiration!

B. Wilson

Anonymous said...

Oh, my brain is just tired tonite. I'll think about it and let you know my name choice tomorrow.. seriously... brain is busted this late at night.


Joyce said...

I'm voting for the Zoom Loom, or, the Sooper Dooper Looper (crazy spelling optional).

Anonymous said...

How about loco loomita or looney loom

Ashley E. said...

I like your husband's suggestion! You could shorten it by calling it the Crazy as a Loom Loop de Loop. Another idea would be to call it the Crazy as a Loom Loopy Loom. Gotta love the alliteration.

re'New said...

How bout Happy Looper.... cause it would be so fun to play with.... or I thought Handy Loom cause it's handy to carry around?

Bety said...

How about:
Crazy as a Loom Loop-a-Loom
Crazy as a Loom Petite Loomette
Crazy as a Loom Mini Looper Loom
Crazy as a Loom Wee Looper Loom (tongue twister for sure)
Or you could name it after one of the kitties

weavinfool said...

Create with Loops
Square Deal
Magic Square
Magic Loom
Alchemy Loom

Cami said...

I love math so was thinking Crazy as a loom squared. I'm a lurker here and really love reading your blog!

Lynda said...

What a great seem to be full of them! I think Crazy As a Loom Loomer would sound just about right....a loom using loopers! I look forward to reading your blog daily. Keep the great stuff coming!

KarenInTheWoods said...

Lil' Loom?
Pocket Loom?
EZ Loom?
Handful Loom?
Baby Loom?

Karen said...

Jumbo potholder loom?

would love to have one, pick me, pick me!

PattiHN said...

"Crazy as a Loom's Throw-me-for-a-loop" (ok, that's a bit long).

Little Miss Loop?

Candy Duell said...

I am not good with naming things, but wanted to comment and tell you how good it looks! Good Luck :)

K said...

How about a real name, like Lucy? Lucy the Potholder Loom. Or Lola? Potholder looms make a very quick square, it could be Zippy, Flash, Speedy... Or something totally strange like Twist. Introducing Crazy as a Loom's "Ziggy": The Large Potholder Loom. (Okay, now I'll stop.)

Hilary said...


Martha said...

What a great idea! I am an 'older' woman, too, and cannot tell you what happy memories the potholder loom brought back for me. Thank you.

I love your blog and your creative Spirit. Now for the name...

Crazy As A Loom Proudly Presents the
"Hip To Be Square Looper Loom"

sooper dooper looper said...

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