Monday, November 16, 2009

Pretzel woman.

Yup, that would be me. I woke up several days ago, and the minute my foot hit the floor, I knew I had somehow done something to my back.
It is amazing to me, that when this happens, every year or so, I never have a clue about what caused it.
So Saturday morning, trying to ignore it, which is my usual approach, even though I know quite well, that it doesn't always work out, I drove an hour north to pick up blue jeans.
I have a couple of great sources for blue jeans; thrift shops that call me when they have a pile of jeans not up to their standards.
I had planned all week that I would go pick up jeans on Saturday. So back pain or no back pain, torrential rains or no torrential rains, I went.
And when I got there, I found that there were three times as many garbage bags full of jeans than I am used to finding. And they all had to be hauled out of this huge bus garage to my car.
Bet you can hear my screaming back from there, can't you?
You can't see it, but the back seat is crammed full, as well.

Oh, please, don't feel one bit sorry for me. I am, as you have already probably guessed, and as my DH and daughters will be happy to tell you, my own worst enemy.
Pig headed, stubborn. Yes, I do think I am invincible, in spite of the evidence.

By this time I was in such pain, that I didn't even unload them. I had the good sense, if a day late, to ask my DH to come to the studio on Sunday, and drag them into the house for me. Which he did.
Kizzy, my handsome boy, what do you think of all this?
Yes, it really is me, just listing hard to the right.

I did some dishes. That was about all I could do.

So this morning, I called the chiropractor and begged. They got me in. And when I lurched in, looking like the hunchback of Notre Dame, they didn't laugh. They probably see that a lot.
I have four more appointments this week, and maybe by the weekend, I will be walking upright.
I have a new respect for those cave people who lumbered along looking at the ground.
I managed to get to the studio today, to feed the cats, and to push two boxes (with one foot) out on to the porch for the UPS pick up. So while I was there, I wandered around with my camera, and took these shots. They cheered me up. The sun was pouring through the windows, and for November, it was a lovely day.
These are the mug rugs I have been making for the last few weeks. There are sets of 4, and a basket of individual ones, to mix and match.
But as lovely as the studio was, and as much as I felt guilty leaving, the pain was speaking to me, and not saying very nice things. I went home.
To the couch, and an ice pack, and some muscle relaxers.

Not sure when I will be able to weave in my new sunny window, with its perfect glass, but it is a very appealing prospect, and just thinking about it makes me feel better.


KarenInTheWoods said...

Ohhh you poor thing! I feel for you. Just sit back and relax and let the muscle relaxers and chiro do it's work. Your mug rugs are very photogenic!

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain as I have been right there with you numerous times. Hubby just went through about 3 boxes of those Thermacare back thingies. He's finally doing much better after a week of Motrin and some 600mg pain pills the doctor prescribed for me last year.

Take care. Back stretches always help me to keep my back a bit stronger, but you have to wait for yours to heal before you can take on that challenge.

Get well soon!
The Blue Ridge Gal

Anonymous said...

Ooops, sorry about that anonymous thingie above. I was signed into the blog I do for my classmates and didnt' want to leave that link... sorry.. :-)

Restless Knitter said...

I feel for you, literally. I'm having my own back issues at the moment, though it's not so bad that I'm walking bent over. Hopefully it will be all better after a few more chiro visits.

Hope you are better soon!

Nancy said...

Ghaaaa - there is nothing worse than a back that is not cooperating with all we have to do in a day.

Your loom looks so pretty next to that window!

Daryl said...

Next time ... ice 10 on/10 min off ... and actually more than 3 chiro appts in one week (you need a day between) is excessive .. I speak from many many years of bad back experience. Feel better soon!

Benita said...

If your chiropractor is as good as mine, you'll soon be out of pain. Good luck!

Gayle said...

Ouchie. I know that pain. I wish you well. Sending good healing thoughts. I love your rugs!
San Diego

Need A Latte Mom said...

Back pain is miserable!
My husband and I unloaded 112 boxes of flooring at 85lb each. I elected to do this instead of paying the 75.00 delivery fee. BIG MISTAKE! Both of us have achey ever since!
Get better. Hugs.
Love your rugs!

RedorGrayArt said...

oh I so hope you are feeling better by now...i know what that is like and trying to "ignore" is not the answer...
e l k

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Because every thread counts