Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Leaving on a balloon

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On my way to the studio this morning, I saw this balloon off in the distance. It didn't take me long to pull over, and get my camera out.
All you who laugh at my camera on the seat, and the zoom lens in the back, well, I guess you get it now.
I wanted to BE up there.
I watched them for a bit, but I could see the fire blasting, and the balloon moving away in the wind. And besides, I had work to do.
I had two walk ins today. One wanted me to make a black rug with a purple circle and a purple star. Uh, not up my alley. Sorry.
The other was a gentleman who wanted me to mend a 100 year old Navajo rug. I 'could' do it, but I chose not to. He was very interested in the house though, and I gave him the tour. He grew up nearby, and is very knowledgeable about the history of the area. He said that there was another house right on the same spot, that was burned by Burgoyne in the Revolutionary War. Then, after the war, this house was rebuilt, in the same place.
Which prompted me to tell him about a mysterious wall in the basement. We went down to check it out, a "double" brick wall that doesn't seem to match the rest of the stone work in the basement.
I wish this house could talk. Imagine the stories, 220 years worth of them.

This is my new favorite tea. I don't usually like many flavored teas. I am a good little English girl at heart. Tea so black you can't see the bottom of the cup, as my grandmum used to say.
Occasionally I like a cup of peppermint tea, but this coconut chai is to die for. The combination of coconut, cardamom, ginger and clove, well, it is wonderful.
I wove more scarves today all on the green warp. I think the next warp will be shades of gray, with maybe some black thrown in.
I called my youngest daughter and asked her what colors were "in" this year. She said that she bought what "moved" her. Which is gray.
What colors move you??? You can weigh in on my next scarf warp, after the gray that is.

We all know that when our children get to be a certain age, we have to let them go. What no one warns you about is that no matter how old they get, you will still worry about them. You will still wonder about some of their decisions, and you will still bite your tongue. Wanting them to not do what you did, wanting them to be smarter, better.
Will someone tell me how you finally convince yourself that it is none of your business???
It seems some days that I open my mouth and promptly insert my foot.
I WANT to be on that balloon......just for a while.

One chocolate cream pie, one banana cream pie, and one pumpkin pie. Done.

DH says there should be THREE chocolate cream pies.
I can't HEAR YOU...........she says as her balloon rises into the sky.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


Gail said...

Purple moves me.

My children never listen.

They are grown but I will always relish the one time my oldest daughter said, while in her teens, "I don't know why I don't listen to you, you are always right." In my wisdom, I did not jump up and down in celebration but said, "You are a teenager, it is your job not to listen and it is my job to keep telling you."

Hilary said...

Sounds like a stressful and full day. That brick wall is intriguing and that chai sounds wonderful. I love chai. Coconut, eh?

I can remember my mother telling me to put a sweater on, to get more sleep and asking me if I needed to pee before heading out somewhere... and I already had a child of my own by then. No, I don't think we ever stop worrying and wanting to say.. something.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Hopefully your husband won't be wearing one of those pies. ;)

LA said...

The color blue usually catches my eye...always has, even though I wear more black now that I'm older. (It doesn't show the coffee stains as bad, and I often seem to "wear" my coffee by the end of the day!)
There is something magical about seeing a hot air balloon...maybe we all long to float away...if only for a wee bit.
Enjoy your Thanksgiving with your family...what a blessing!

Anonymous said...

I want YOU to have a fabulous Thanksgiving whether you are floating on air or have your feet planted solidly on the floor of your kitchen. ENJOY THE DAY!

The Blue Ridge Gal

Candy Duell said...

Happy Thanksgiving Hilary and family.

Theresa said...

Great balloon picture. I wish I was up there too seeing the countryside.
No mother's never stop worrying. I can attest to that, at 50 something, my mother will still call and ask if there is anything I need. She means this as a global question. Is my health good, am I happy, can she help. It's shorthand for I love you. :) Even a thick skulled daughter realizes that eventually.

Benita said...

I like my tea pretty black, too. It must be because I was introduced to hot tea in Scotland.

Colors for a scarf? I love earth tones, so I guess you can follow the gray one up with a brown one. Heh!

I'll go on the balloon trip with you!!!

'Zann said...

purples for me.
I'm a major tea drinker - have expanded my range from black to green and various flavored/spiced blacks. I also like red tea, roibois (?), which, strictly speaking isn't tea.

As for the grown children...I decided a long time ago to bite my tongue as often as possible. If unavoidable, I try to be as clever as I can in voicing concerns & cautions. (I'm probably not half so clever as I think I am and they probably see right through me!)

I realized I was very lucky that my adult children want to share things with me. And that they would stop if I was Debby Downer with them.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts