Friday, November 27, 2009

Christmas is coming.


My three daughters came up today, to help me clean and organize the studio for the Christmas in the Country weekend coming up next week.
I will admit, the studio was pretty messy. Lots of dust, lots of clutter. I get busy weaving, and chaos occasionally runs riot.
I always regret it, but it happens.
Holly cleaned the sewing room, and vacuumed everywhere.
Brooke cleaned the porch, and she and Morgan cleaned and rearranged the pantry/fabric stash.
They they moved furniture. One cupboard got emptied and moved from the hall to the dining room, and the one in the dining room got emptied and moved to the porch.
All the shelves in the hallway got moved into the living room. It completely opened up the hallway, and made the living room so much cozier. I wouldn't have believed what a difference it made.


I totally appreciate the help. The house is huge, and doing it myself would take days. But together, we can accomplish miraculous stuff.
And too, it is a chance to spend the day with my daughters, and it just doesn't get any better than that.

Tomorrow I will dig out the Christmas lights, and some decorations. I need my husband to help me put up some track lights, and I will be ready to make Greek honey cookies.
I will be weaving wildly to finish up the scarves and the purses I have lined up.
I also have to get a basket of fabric together for the "community" rug. Over the course of the weekend, one loom will be set up with available fabric for people to give weaving a try. The resulting rug will be gifted to the Prospect Child and Family Center, in Glens Falls, NY. They will raffle it to raise funds.
Most likely, the week will fly by, it usually does. Then the tour begins on Friday, and goes right through Sunday at 5pm.
Hopefully, my daughters will all come at one time or another over the weekend, to help out.

By Sunday night, I will be exhausted, and it will be over for another year.
Then I can get on to the placemat orders I have on hold.

I only have one complaint. All three girls counseled me about my "excessive" (so they say) collection of fabric/threads/selvedge/socks/etc.
They said I can NEVER NEVER NEVER say ONE word to Bill (DH) about how many clothes he has. NEVER.
Now that is just plain WRONG.


The little ones were great. Both granddaughters, and one grandson came along, and they played well all day without a peep. Well, almost.


All in all, it was a great day. We went back to my house, and ordered pizza, the girls went in the hot tub. It feels so good to get so much accomplished.
More pictures to come after I get everything decorated.
But for now, I am beat.


Country Girl said...

No, wait. There's a hot tub? Nobody mentioned a hot tub!

Sounds like good hard work to me, which I love. Well, when you're helping someone you love.

Anonymous said...

The place looks amazing and I am in love with the wall color! Looks so warm and cozy.

The Blue Ridge Gal
Just Vignettes

Sharon said...

I'm not sure at what point you as a retired woman weighs in - but you have such sweet sweet granddaughters.

KarenInTheWoods said...

OH how nice of them to come and help you.... and don't let their remarks bother you on your *stash*, they are just thinking about how much work it will be to get rid of it someday after you are gone. In the meantime... ENJOY YOUR STASH... it gives weavers security and comfort!!!

Tina J said...

Many hands make "lighter" work! The house looks great, I am sure it is a relief to get that done. It inspires me to take another look at my shelves, though I only have one room to work with. The wall colors are so warm and inviting. I can't wait to see it all decorated for christmas. (I can always help you with that stash)

India said...

At what age does children begin to come home and help with dusting? I look forward to it!

Penny B said...

Hey Hil! You have been sooooo busy!!! The rooms look great! That WAS alot of work! Hope to see you before Christmas!

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Because every thread counts