Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ka ching.

Evicting the squirrels from the attic revealed leaks that appeared to have been going on for awhile. Not big leaks, but any water coming in through the roof is not a good thing.
Apon investigation, the shingles were brittle and snapped in your fingers like saltines.
Yes, we have been through this before, on the old part of the house, just this past spring.

It is a big roof, and since the weather this week is unseasonably balmy, and the bees have gone where bees go this time of year, we decided that it was as good a time as any to put a new roof on.
Can you hear the rustling of money?
OK, enough about that. It is, after all, what it is. I knew the risks in buying an old house, and I have taken on the responsibility of taking care of it, and doing whatever it took to make it last another 200 years. I have never felt more the owner of a house, than I do about this one.
Today was a beautiful, sunny NOVEMBER day. Sometimes in life, you just need to find a sunny spot, no matter where it is.
I have been trying out some different warps, combining some colors, and textures, to make scarves.
I wound the warp out of 10 different threads, with a paddle. Yes, I am aware that I am crazy.
All you weavers, you know just how crazy.
Anyway, I finished one scarf off a long warp, and proceeded to critique it ad nauseum. I just don't like it. I am not sure why, and not sure what I could do to make it into something that I did like.
My youngest daughter came to visit this morning, and she saw it.
She immediately put me in my place......said she LOVED it, there was nothing wrong with it,
"I love it."

Isn't she cute?

Later we went to a farm in Argyle that sells grass fed beef. Morgan wanted to buy some, and first we did a tour of the farm, and saw their operation. Morgan wasn't buying any unless she was sure that it was raised the right way.
If you remember, she and I read "Skinny Bitch" back in the spring, and then agreed to not eat any meat at all for 30 days.
The end result of that was that she only eats local meat, and I hardly eat any meat at all.
It wasn't planned, it just happened.
I always love to see my daughters. Even though they are all grown up, and on their own, there is nothing that makes me happier.
My brain is pretty much non functioning tonight. Does that ever happen to you?? Just a blob here on the couch. Thinking about sleeping, and how good bed will feel, with the breeze from the open window.
good night all.


Anonymous said...

That is a great scarf! I always have to remember when I make things that often colors I don't like doesn't mean someone else won't love them! And that I can't make everything in colors that only I like.
Jaimie in IL

Anonymous said...

The scarf is lovely and your granddaughter looks great in it! I can see why she likes it.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Country Girl said...

Yes, I feel like that at times. It's sort of like flopbot. You just flop. Sometimes I think to myself, "I should get up and go to bed." But then I think of all that is involved in that: the locking of all the doors, turning off the tv, putting pajamas on, brushing teeth, washing face and applying Hope in a Jar.
No really, that's what I use. Hope in a Jar.
And then I sit here, watching tv or reading some more. I think it's flopbot and luckily it doesn't always happen.
Yes, your daughter is right about the scarf.

Sharon said...

Yes, she is beautiful and she is very smart to take charge of her food like that. "My Year of Meats" by Ruth Ozeki would be another good book to read, though fiction. It's not just meat, it's any trickle-down food, like milk and eggs. I grew up listening to my mother harp on this. I just wish I could tell her that she was right.

Need A Latte Mom said...

I am with your it!

Delighted Hands said...

Great looking scarf......the roof is a big project; glad it will be done soon.

KarenInTheWoods said...

Ohhh the Sunshine Kitty looks soooooo happy!

Daryl said...

Your daughter is right about the scarf, its exquisite and those colors are perfect on her. Me, I needs reds and oranges and hot pinks .. just sayin' .. gotta go look and see what you have made in my colors

Spruce Hill said...

Love that scarf! Such pretty bright colors! You should make some more for sure!

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Because every thread counts