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Sunday, November 29, 2009

I could be wrong.

Joy is finding someone to sew blue jean strips for me, someone who does a good job, who wants to work, and is timely.

THIS, is a lot of work.

Even though it was Sunday, I had some weaving to do. Trying to get as many scarves done as I can by next weekend.
I have company when I weave.
Every day. And they are very faithful.

Even across the room, sleeping to the rhythm of the loom, somebody is keeping tabs.


Oops, did I wake you up???


And some of my company tends to be a bit intrusive at times.



So this is what I was weaving today.


These are scarves that are done.



For several years, I had an oak sideboard right inside the front door of my little farm house in the country. When I moved to Glens Falls and bought the studio, I gave it to my youngest daughter.
This week she gave it back, and it now lives here.

I was thinking, as I was weaving today, about having my three daughters at the studio the other day. I was thinking that a mother always wants to know what her children are like. Even when they are adults, and you go to their house, you are taking note of who they have become. You can't help but notice: how they decorate their houses, what they have in the refrigerator, what books are on the shelves. Even though they have grown up, and they have changed some, and they have their own lives, you are still interested in everything they do.
Isn't it true?
But I realized that they sometimes don't know about me, their mother. They don't know what music I like, what I do here at the studio during a day, they don't know who I have become.
Then I laughed at my foolishness, why would they want to know. I'm their mother, and I am no longer at the center of their universe.
Then my oldest daughter called me this morning.

She said, "I've been reading your blog."
She said she couldn't believe that I took pictures of her sorting all that selvedge, but I could tell, by her voice, and her laugh, that she really didn't mind at all.
And she said that she loved the pictures of the kids playing in the studio, that it was so apparent by their faces how happy they were there, and she was glad that when they grew up, they would have those memories.
She said that when she saw the photos of the studio on my blog, it made her want to be there.
(oh, my)

Then she asked me......"Is there any way we can save your blog?? Like, forever."


smiles4u said...

Now that's priceless. Brings tears to my eyes. XX Lori

LA said...

I always enjoy reading your blog...but today I especially loved it. Isn't it wonderful that your children (regardless of their age) take an interest in what you do and what you think? You're a lucky lady!

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Oh gosh... that made me cry!

Country Girl said...

Oh, crap.
I didn't start crying until the end, but was welling up in the middle.
You are absolutely right. We do take note of how our children act, what their places are like, how they keep their car, all that stuff.

Gail said...

I need the same there a way to save the blog?

It is wonderful that they think of you and praise you.

I shall wait for that, hopefully.

Anonymous said...
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Gail said...

Do you weave the denim? I hook/crochet rugs with mine. I also wish I had someone to sew the strips, a job my mother use to do for me.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Sojourner Design said...

What a great post!
I loved seeing those denim balls... especially since just late yesterday afternoon I made my own for the first time, using the method on your web site. It took me a little time and several mistakes before I realized there's a real rhythm to the process.

And I agree with what you wrote about wanting to know who your grown daughters are. That's why I love Facebook. The reason I'm on Facebook is to read my daughter's wonderful comments each day so that she's really a part of my life despite the fact that she's three hours away.

And the "save forever" comment from your daughter is such a well-deserved honor.


Anonymous said...

What a treasure...I begged my mom to do some kind of legacy book, or to write down stuff...even gave her books at times and then a list of questions, but she never did it...she was having fun with a second marriage and just wanted to do what she wanted to do. I understood that but am also sad as she died last year and once you lose your parents some of the saddest loss is all those memories. Bless you for blogging about who you are, and bless your daughters for wanting to know you....
Jaimie in IL


Oh poo you made me cry and that's not an easy task. I love this entry, it warmed my heart. Thank you for sharing you with us.

Daryl said...

Oh now, THAT'S, what a mom wants to hear ..

Nancy said...

Those were the sweetest words ever spoken. What a lovely daughter you have. Kudos.

Theresa said...

There must be some way to save it all, maybe onto a disk?
Lovely post Hilary and well, the cats are darn cute too!

kestrel said...

I hope my daughter will say the same things sooner and later. I tell my daughter stories about how her father and I met, her uncles and aunts and the history of my life every night instead of bed time stories. I hope she remembers

Anonymous said...

I've been lurking for awhile, and as a wannabe weaver, I am inspired. I have a Baby Wolf, and am trying to get my first warp in it. I used a warping frame and am working front-to-back. I have lost the cross and am getting discouraged. How did you learn how to weave? What was your biggest weaving disaster? I am using some cheap, ugly cotton that I got to learn with, and am about ready to toss this warp and start over---chalking this one up to experience. I may have learned a little bit about what doesn't work from it. After looking at the pictures of your looms and your studio, I'm wondering if I should just bite the bullet and order the sectional beam for my loom.

Brenda in Iowa

Hilary said... me directly with your
And don't give up!!!!

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts