Sunday, November 22, 2009

Not again!

I found this awesome tote over on Doni's blogspot It is made out of ONE long piece of fabric, and I was mesmerized. Couldn't stand it. Couldn't visualize it, so I went looking for a piece of fabric to try it on. I found this very long piece of antique, quilted fabric, that I have had for years.
I really couldn't imagine how this could work, but work it did. I sewed it together, and voila! A tote bag. Once I started, it went together just like magic.
The quilted fabric had two bare spots where the batting showed, so I sewed two of my stash of granny squares over them.
And Mom had to model again.
You wouldn't believe how fast she popped up out of that chair.
And thank you all, for all your kind comments. I let her read them. She just laughed and laughed. But she really, really enjoyed them.
My husband told her she would probably be on 'Oprah' next week.
The bag is so sweet, I almost want to keep it for myself.
If I had to guess, my youngest daughter might be liking it.
Kismet, and Jinx. These two love each other. They play, they cuddle. There is never any mean spiritedness between them.
People could learn a lot from them.

  • Yesterday I cut blue jeans. Lots of blue jeans.
If I haven't plugged the Eastman chickadee cutter lately, well, it is a tool that has paid for itself over and over.
I filled 5 boxes with strips of blue jeans.
I finished the pile on the table.
And this week, I have promised myself to cut jeans for just a half an hour each morning. Maybe I will actually get through these.
I have long wanted to get "caught up", so that each time I got jeans, I could process them and not stockpile them.
All in the name of getting organized.
Everywhere I go, I have the inspector, watching me.

I stayed up late last night, reading blogs. I found Avalanche Looms and read all of it. Even though I weave every day, and it is my passion, I was totally taken away by the talent and creativity I saw there. I was inspired.
It is good to be inspired, and good to stretch your mind. I dreamt all night about weaving wonderful things. I hope I live long enough to try them all out.
I thought about weaving for money, making custom rugs, production weaving, giving lessons, all ot it. Everything that I do.
But the bottom line is, I just want to be the best weaver that I can be.

But at least for a while, I am stuck with pinwheel towels. Some for my daughter, and then some for the shop.
Maybe I will throw a little red in these, and they can be for Christmas.

I think my back is getting better..........
Oh, and I almost forgot........I advertised on Craig's list, and found a young woman who wants to sew blue jean strips together for me.
Heart be still.
I am serious when I say that to find someone reliable to do this would be incredibly wonderful.
As I get older, even though I resist my limitations, I know that on some level I have begun to accept them ( a little), because I am beginning to work smarter.

I never cease to amaze myself.
I guess you are never too old to embrace change.
How about you?


KarenInTheWoods said...

Your mom is ready for the runway.... strike a pose! Vogue~ Vogue~

That bag is really cool. You gonna make one for her too?

Country Girl said...

Embracing change is the secret to growing older gracefully. So you already have the key.

Love your little tote bag. And your mom's a gem to model it.

I especially love your cat photo.

Need A Latte Mom said...

I have been eyeing that tote forever. Never thought of doing that...hmm, I am thinking Christmas gifts!

Sharon said...

I agree with your husband. Mum will be on Oprah next week! And you answered a question for me in your photo as to cutting strips. Go for the electric cutter - watch your fingers. I have a pile of size 10 jeans that while, might fit my hips, will never again fit my waist. They're a rug in waiting.

Donatella said...

Hi there, I knew you would sort the bag out eventually! And yours looks lovely indeed!

I loved your words about being the best weaver you can be - I'm sure you are going to succeed!
Thank you for adding this to my perspective.
I love this blog thing, it has given me so much, and I hope to be able to reciprocate, somehow.

Delighted Hands said...

Wow, you have been busy even tho your back isn't up to snuff. The quilted tote is just perfect-great model, too! I wondered how you cut up all the jeans-nice to see the bale of jeans reduced to useable strips. Wouldn't have thought of advertising for a sewer-upper-cool idea.

Daryl said...

You have the handsomest/loveliest cats .. and I am confused . you cut the jeans up into strips and now you've hired someone to sew them together????

Susan said...

Hilary, your bag turned out so sweet. And thank you for looking through my blog. I'm happy when anyone else gets some inspiration there. My mom is a good weaver, and 78 years old now. What inspires me is that each new batch of rugs she makes are better than the last ones she made. No one ever needs to stand still. She's also using her best wool for every rug now, no more hoarding her stash....

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

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Because every thread counts