Saturday, November 17, 2012

The good, the bad, and no ugly.

 For a couple of weeks now, I have been having issues with my Mac Book Pro........and it has been very disturbing.
I am in LOVE with this laptop, and I've had it almost two years now.
So to suddenly have it be uncooperative, slow, and troublesome, was upsetting.
I have enough things in my life that are annoying, and I count on a calm experience when I sit down to blog, or work on my web site, or whatever.
So the other day, I called APPLE.  I had to pay $19 for their advice.  The girl I talked to was very nice, and clueless.   After a wasted hour, I was no further ahead.

Finally, just a while ago, I called my son in law.  He immediately said, "well, I noticed that you were using Safari."
OK.     "You should download Firefox, and FORGET Safari.  It has issues."
So I promptly downloaded that little red fox, and then went to every web page that would not open for me with Safari, and yup, you guessed it, they all load immediately, and it is FIXED.
Don't ya love it when things come together, even more so when they have dogged you for a while???
Thank you, A.

At recent shower with my 3 daughters and adopted daughter:  from left,  Holly, ME( first picture post brain surgery) Johanna, Morgan, Brooke, and my mom.
I still look a little pale, but upright, and that's a good thing.
I am grateful for that.

It was a beautiful day today.  Not too warm, not too cold, sunny.  There was a golden hue over everything.
My headache has diminished with Flexeril, massage, more rest, more acceptance.
Just when you thought you had that 'acceptance' thing whipped, you find out that more is required.

Can I just tell you, that when my headache is only a THREE, I  am happy to be alive.
I'm blessed, I tell ya.

Roy, not so much.
It's bath time.
But as pained as he looks, he was totally cooperative.  I wouldn't have expected less.

But once dried, he snuggled down into 'one' of his fave spots.
He does look a little disgusted.
 And since DH gave him the bath, and used the body wash he found on the edge of the tub, now Roy smells like my mother.
Life is so unfair sometimes.

While I am convinced that I cannot weave much yet, nor can I do anything that requires me to bend my head forward for any length of time, I can still KNIT.

And it is appreciated, which makes it all the better.

I know that it is quite possible that my life may never be the same.
Strangely enough, and I can hardly believe it myself, I am ok with that premise.

I am here.  I am functional, still for the most part together.

Life has never been more precious.


Susan said...

I love Firefox and even though Safari comes with the Mac's, I've always used it instead. So happy to hear that your headache has decreased--have you ever done acupuncture? My daughter swears by it...just a thought. Have a wonderful weekend, XOXO

Deb said...

Ok..I'm still laughing at the 'smells like mother' line. You crack me up. Love the photo..gorgeous girls and you look great. Roy does look disgusted but I bet he loves it when everyone hugs him after because he is so clean. I know that is the part that Kane loves the most. You knit as well as you weave..cutest little hat and grand-daughter. Hugs, Deb

messymimi said...

Roy has a very expressive face, it shows just what he thinks of how he smells.

Firefox is my favorite because i can prevent so many sites from setting cookies that slow down my computer.

Anonymous said...

Well who the heck wants to smell like someone else's mother? LOL He looks a bit peeved but knowing Roy, he'll get over it.

And I am in love with those hats! How much would you charge to make me two of them. No pressure....


Country Gal said...

We have used nothing but Firefox it really is one of the best and have never had a prob in years . Glad you are all fixed up now and are able to use your computer . Lovely photos. I do like that hat looks warm ! Poor Roy I guess he doesn't like smelling pretty lol !

claudia said...

Precious Roy. Precious no matter what the scent is he is wearing. Great picture of you and the "girls" including Mom. You are all looking marvelous!

Anonymous said...

What a great picture of you and your lovely daughters (and your Mom)! So glad to hear the headache is calming down. Keep resting, keep taking exquisite care of yourself. Thanks for the great laugh over Roy Boy smelling like your mother. Poor baby does look rather unhappy. What a darling hat you knitted. Thanks for a lovely post.


Country Girl said...

Amazing how something so simple as changing your search engine could fix things. And I am sorry, but that's funny that your pup now smells like your mother. Oh, that is just rich!

Anonymous said...

Poor Roy boy it cannot be easy smelling like his very own grandma! That is some hat.

Cupcake Murphy said...

Aha! Roy is a pillow addict. I knew it!

MarthaVA said...

I LOVE that hat! It's too cute - my handspun would look awesome in that pattern. (hint hint)

Roy - well, yeah, I'd be offended too if I smelled like body wash. LOL Poor boy.

I found 2 fleas on my little dog yesterday (Maltese) and I had to bathe her in Dawn (yep, the dishwashing liquid) and when she was done, handed her off to hubby for drying duty, and I plopped the other dog (large Papillion) into the tub. What a hassle. But no fleas today. Whew.

Hang in there.

Johanna Whitney said...

I love this picture of all of us. I remember a very wise woman telling me once ... To take care of yourself just as you would a small child. I am glad you are finally taking your own advice and healing yourself! Our bodies have an amazing way of healig themselves as long as we give them the permission to do so :) love you!

Rita said...

I have a MacBookPro that's going on three years old. If I have Safari trouble, now I will know what to do!! Thanks so much, Hilary!!

I love that hat with the squigglies. Great photo of the family's strong women. Life is good!! :) :)

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Because every thread counts