Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day off, again.

Looks like winter is coming.  Someone was very industrious.
Surely not me.
I spent the day on the couch with Roy.

I took Motrin and Flexeril, and slept half the morning.  Took Roy for a short walk, and back to the couch.
I drank tea.
I didn't read.
I didn't knit.
I didn't do one single thing, not even watch TV.

 It's a new definition of SLUG.
But I have been wondering if that's what I needed.
Maybe everyone is right, maybe I have been doing too much.
Nothing much moves me.

This does however.

I just got a total for my surgery......most of which is being paid by Medicare and United Health Care.

The total hospital cost, (not doctor fees) was $239,614.24.

The rods in my neck were $57, 747.90.  Geesh, they must be made of diamonds.
Is titanium that expensive???

The physical therapist that walked me down the hall a couple of times, and up a flight of stairs.


 Use of the operating room:   $23,300.00.
Intensive care ( I was there for 24 hours)   $10,142.00.
Semi private room for 3 nights: $16,950.00

A sunny day, an Adirondack Mountain lake, a good friend.
Pretty priceless.

Thanks to all of you for your kind words.  Pain makes you feel alone, even when you're clearly not.


Shiralyn said...

You have not told us what your doctor has to say about these latest headaches. What did he think was going on? It would be so nice to be able to count the days that you do not have a headache.

Deb said...

Mind boggling, these figures.What do people do without insurance?
You know I'm thinking of you, Hilary. Hoping and praying this damn headache takes a hike. Hugs, Deb

Susan said...

I was a nurse for 17 years, so the medical doesn't shock me--outrageous, but not surprising:-( I agree, that view is priceless and I'd be a slug if I had that to look at every day, take care, XOXO

Mimi and Tilly said...

Hello Hilary, I've been catching up on my blog reading and have read back through some of your posts. I am so sorry for the huge changes your life has brought. I felt really moved by your writing the exact date things changed for you. I live iwth a long term illness and can very much relate to your sense of loss of the life you had, compared to the life you are living now. And you are right about pain. It doesn't matter how much people want to help, you can only ever experience the pain alone. I'm sending lovea nd support through the internet ether, Hilary. Em :) (Staggered by the hospital bills. I'm forever grateful that I'm absolutely getting my money's worth from the NHS)

Linda said...

Incredible isn't it? For my double knee replacement we received the statement while I was at the physical therapy rehab center for three weeks. I asked my husband if they were trying to get even more money by causing a heart attack!


Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

I kept thinking you were doing too much but the headache sounds more serious than over extending yourself.
What does the doctor think is going on?
We cannot share your pain but we can care about you and keep sending prayers and best wishes.

Karen thisoldhouse2.com said...

HOly croW!!... You have to wonder... what does it really cost them to have you sit in a semi-private room for three nights???...

Hope you're starting to feel better.. take another day just like that one tomorrow.

LOVE love love these photos.. is this a friends place? Where? ... oh, to have a little log cabin on that lake.

Country Girl said...

Those fees are just flat out exorbitant.

rosek1870 said...

Why is it I get the feeling you haven't asked the dr. about your headache yet??? If you haven't please do. Maybe there is some relief he can give you. I must say those bills would give anyone a headache. Praying your pain eases soon.
Hugs Rose

Anonymous said...

Keep on chilling and doing nothing, take pain meds when necessary, do not try to tough it out. Slug is good when it means your own well being will not be compromised.

Hospitals always inflate their bills because they know that the insurance companies will knock so much off of it, so in order to make a profit they inflate everything... even the price of an aspirin.

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Your photos all have a feeling of serenity. I wish that for you.

sandy said...

pssssst! Your surgery cost more than my left breast mastecomy along with the right breast lift.
One day I will tell you the story about my Pegfilgrastim injection which cost $3,100.

Really love those red Adirondack chairs....makes the scenery Pop!!

Acorn to Oak said...

Medical costs are unbelievable! I'm glad it's getting paid for though. Whew! Sounds like a restful day was helpful. What a beautiful place to relax in. Best wishes for less pain each and every day.

Anonymous said...

I'm thrilled to hear that you have been a slug! But one day won't be enough. Your body needs lots of days like that. I don't know anything about weaving but someone else commented that that may have compromised the progress you had made, and that sounds reasonable. Cuddling with Roy Boy is good medicine, though! Please take very good care of yourself, Hilary. We are all rooting for you.


claudia said...

How many weeks are you post op? I think you did too much too. Criminey, when I had my left wrist and elbow worked on I was told DO NOTHING for eight weeks. That was just a wrist and an elbow. Not brain surgery!
Honey, take it easy, please.

Teri said...

Those prices are all inflated, because the providers play games with the insurance companies. When my husband had surgery for some things that were not covered (pre-exisiting condition) I called and asked if I could pay what the insurance company would have paid. I received a 60% discount but only if I paid in full within 5 days (no payment plan allowed for the discount). I sent the payment off overnight mail before they changed their mind.

Teri said...

Major life changes = changes in who we are. Take time to relax and hopefully this will help you to heal. Its hard to change from being a go-getter to sitting around - but maybe that is what is needed. Can you think of something to do that won't hurt your head. Get a small recorder and talk about all that has happened, like writing a memoir, but without sitting over a computer.

Cupcake Murphy said...

I'd walk with you anywhere for free. I'd even give you a piggy back ride.

Hilary said...

Geez, I'm glad you're mostly covered. That's outrageous. It might be time to nudge the doc and tell him you've had steady pain for too long again. The phone call might cost $2,470 but you need some answers.

Daryl said...

I am not surprised after getting 'statement of benefits provided, this is not a bill' for Toonman's 4 hospital stays in 2010 ... the first one for 1 week in hospital with basic tests was $96,000 .. I nearly had cardiac arrest ...

wouldn't you love to know what the 24 cents was for??

Even knowing 99.99% is covered, it would give me a headache just looking at those numbers, thank goodness you have such a gorgeous free view and dear Roy to go walking with

michelle said...

Bills like that always take my breath away. But, as Teri mentioned in an earlier comment - those are the "insurance prices". I know of several situations, where uninsured folks have been able to pay much less (as someone else mentioned too). But even if you had a 50% discount the amount would still make me faint! I am glad you have insurance, glad you are covered, and most of all glad you are resting. Headaches be done.

Susan said...

These bills are out of reach for anyone without insurance. This health care system is just crazy, not your loom. So glad you've got it covered, and that you keep getting better.

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Because every thread counts