Monday, November 5, 2012

MOREHOUSE. Clean House

I saw a lot of my daughters this weekend, and that's always a good thing.

Roy was worried, that he wouldn't get to go  to the family get together.

Imagine that.

I recently made a decision.  I am not doing any more heavy house work.  You know, the mopping, deep cleaning stuff that needs to get done, so you feel good about your home.
DH vacuums, but like a man.  He doesn't move anything, or do the furniture.  And while I have always appreciated his efforts, it doesn't quite get it.

Recently, Tammy, my first apprentice, started her own cleaning business.


I liked the motto:  Tammy MOREHOUSE wants to clean YOUR house.
She didn't like it.


But anyway, I informed DH and my mother, that it was time to chip in for a weekly deep clean.
Life is too short, and I am spending my time and energy on things I love.
I don't love to clean.
I would rather spend a little extra and let someone else do it.  And between the three of us, we can afford it.
Call me lazy, call me bad.
I don't care.
So today, she is here, and cleaning.  And she is coming half a day, every week!!!

And I'm blogging.
You see my point, right??

She is also a skilled needle felter, she brought some of her things, which she is selling in her spare time.
Did I say she is a bit driven like me???

This kitty stands on his own.

The Santa ornaments are to die for.

 Here's a smaller one.

I would have many "needle" wounds by now.  She is good at this.

I love them all, and want them all.

Tammy was working in a boring office job.
THAT was a waste of talent.   And not just her creative talent.

Other than my youngest daughter, there is NOONE you would rather have clean your house.
She is ruthless.  She misses nothing.  She leaves nothing.

This Santa has a slouchy hat in the back.

 How about a little squirrel?

Ah, the detail.

I would have to question her on this one though, she says it's an owl.

I didn't say she was perfect.
Just close.


Lisa B said...

Is she selling these ornaments online? They are georgeous. I would love to buy some. I agree with your plan to farm out cleaning. Life is too short. I just worry my house is too dirty for a cleaning lady to see. See the quandry i have?

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

I love felted animals and such. And cleaning ladies!

Country Gal said...

That's awesome send her over hehe ! hey this way at least she can have her little critters featured on your blog so good things all round ! Have a good day !

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

I love the Santa one! They are great!
Wish she was close to me. That is my one wish - someone I would trust to clean my house. It usually gets pretty dusty before I clean. I love for it to be neat and organized but I only have so many hours a day and those are usually spent in the studio.
Pog cleans the shower, his bathroom and always cleans the kitchen which helps a lot. He would do more but his work is stressful and tiring. You know what being a nurse is like!

Good for you! Time to let everyone share the load!

Daryl said...

i know how nice it is to have someone else clean ... my husband does move things but he won't dust ... he does the laundry and that's his excuse for not dusting .. may i say only in a man's mind is that in any way an excuse/explanation ...

is Ms Morehouse selling those? if so, i would love to have a few ...

claudia said...

I could see the owl! He's cute! Love the ornaments, and love the fact that you are giving someone a job, and yourself a break. It's not lazy it's good use of your time and resources. I am sure Tammy appreciates it!
And I am finding visiting daughters is going to have be a new thing I do, since I am living with my Dad now, I don't see my daughters nearly enough. This is my hardest adjustment yet!

Shiralyn said...

You have had quite a year. No wonder you worry. Who wouldn't. I am getting closer and closer to retirement, and I worry if I will live long enough to enjoy it, and I am healthy. Just one of those things. I am praying your headache, even though small, goes away entirelyl.

The Village Queen said...

Darling felted kitty! I cant afford cleaning help so quite a while ago I just quit cleaning.
Noones headstone has ever said, "kept an imaculate house"
Such a waste of energy. I vacume once a month, do clean the bathrooms and kitchen, but all the fine details that take hours and is how women who had the whole day free used to keep themselves busy did, forget it. I work full time, and just dont care anymore.
Much better uses of my time quilting and other things. Perfection is highly overrated!

Karen said...


I love the trees with crows ornament. Beautiful!

Trish at Tangled Threads said...

I pay to have someone come in to clean. My husband has some heath challenges and does what he can, but he can't manage to do it all. I am too busy and have other priorities. I figure I'm giving someone work and I am less stressed.

Frank Baron said...

Tammy is very talented. I hope she's selling these ornaments. They're all great... even the one she says is an owl but is really one of the old men on the Muppets show. ;)

Hilary said...

Oops.. that was me with Frank's sign in. :)

messymimi said...

You are smart to have her doing this, and she is extremely talented.

Country Girl said...

I am so thrilled for you that you have hired someone. You know that is my dream, right? Good for you!

Unknown said...

Good for you for hiring someone! As soon as I can I am going to hire this cleaning service, also started by my very good friend. I hope to do it at least once before the holidays.

Deb said...

Good for you. I'd do the same but one look at all my animals and they'd run for the hills. That felt kitty is adorable. Deb

caite said...

oh, I would love to get my hands on a couple of those Santa ornaments..

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