Monday, July 16, 2012


Yesterday I just took the day off.  I am getting better at it.
Did lunch with some friends, and then did some riding around.  I love country roads the best.

I am always saddened by old abandoned houses.

The owners of this property will probably retire here from 'some other place', tear this house down (if it hasn't fallen down by then), and build a new house right out of a magazine.

They have the character that only age can produce.

I especially love old barns.
And no, Enough has not showed up.  I have driven the roads several times, called people up and down the roads that I think he might be wandering.  No luck so far.

I hope L is right.  She says he will show up.

Next has settled in like he never left.  I think he's forgiven me.

Today I had students, who won't be back until next Monday.

I have a couple of orders in the wings, but nothing solid.

That's ok, it means now I can do whatever I want for the rest of the week.

And I fully intend to do just that.

Sometimes I get tired of stuff.

Like right now, I am tired of baseball on TV.
And crime shows.

I am tired of Facebook, and all the politics and silliness that people post on there.
I am tired of this heat wave.
I am tired of being so tired.

What are you tired of??



Loomatic said...

I am tired of looking for a job. I did find one only to have the hours cut back after one month employment due to budget cuts. Here I go again...

I love looking at the old homesteads too. They just don't put that kind of character into the new homes like they did back then. Such a shame to see them go.

Anonymous said...

Oh, do not get me started on what I am tired of. We would be here all evening. It's hard to just accept some things and let them go.... Other things deserve and require that we pay attention to them and NOT just let them go.

Deb said...

Hi Hilary: Love your photos tonight. I,too love the old abandoned homes and forget they are not human when I see the sadness in them. You would enjoy driving the roads out here to see all the old barns. I live in a very old area and there is still farming here. I have hope that the cat will return. My daughter's cat disappeared for 5 weeks once. We damn near drove them nuts at the shelters looking for Hugo. We checked with neighbours, posted on trees and pet stores.He just went out one day and disappeared. We figured he was dead and one night, five weeks later, she was watching tv and looked out her living room window and here comes Hugo up the drive-way, half his normal size and tired. What the heck...we never could figure it out. So, don't stress yet. There are lots of things to distract a cat in fields along with plenty to eat if he is a hunter so he may not be in a big hurry. I'm so tired of all the bs that goes with building a house. We take one step forward and seem to hit a wall. We are constantly waiting on everyone who tell us they will get back to us in a day or two and then go off on a holiday. We are presently caught up in 'energy regulations' that have to be applied to every set of blue-prints for building in Ontario. This is new and time-consuming. Ahhh..I hate all this stuff. So, that's what I'm tired of. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. Hugs

Mark said...

Abandonded homes make me sad too. I always imagine happier times within those walls.

claudia w said...

I'm tired of the B.S. at my job. And yes...I am lucky to have a job, so I will put up with the B.S., but will do so begrudgingly. Hopefully, I will get my grant and start my fabric shop in town...I will be the only one for 25 miles!!!!!

DJan said...

I am tired of this economy being a problem for so many. But I am retired and removed from it except for my friends who are trying to make it, still. I am keeping my fingers crossed for Enough to show up.

linda said...

I'm tired of not working. Nursing jobs aren't out there like they used to be. I've never NOT worked ~ trying to put the time off into good use but my own company is starting to get to me!

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

I am not tired of looking at your photos of abandoned houses and barns. I like them a lot.

Enough is on an adventure. That's what so many cats do with their lives. You can worry about him but he is a survivor and is just doing his cat thing.

Country Girl said...

I'm tired of disappointment. But I'm trying not to let it get me down.

Love your old houses and barns. You and my friend, Janice, would get along famously.

Cupcake Murphy said...

I'm tired of my worry. I'm tired of my hurting foot. I'm tired of not being grateful enough. I am NOT tired of your tireless spirit and those pictures of old houses. Thanks for asking.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

I share your love of old abandoned homes, imagining the families who once lived inside, and what drove them to just leave such a beautiful old homestead....
So sad.

I'm tired of dealing with a bad knee, which in turn has given me trouble with my achilles heel tendon, and now more surgery, so is life ...

I hope Enough finds her way home...soon :)

Kathy said...

I am tired of dishonest politicians, people who twist things to make things fit their needs. I don't think we have any good candidates running for elections anymore. It's WHO and HOW MUCH you have NOT what kind of person and morals you have. I'm tired of people at work who break rules and still get ahead, and people who follow rules are the 'dumb' ones and are so frustrated with working. I'm tired of the heat. I'm tired of kids following stupid people on TV as their role models. I'm tired of parents NOT being parents...trying to be a 'friend' to the child, and not doing their job as parents. I'm tired of people going so fast in their cars and then they are the ones that get angry when you don't go fast enough for them, or when they almost hit YOU in a parking lot. I am tired of people being inconsiderate of older people. Not holding doors, etc. We are all going to get old, unless those fast drivers get us. I am tired of being afraid of things...we were robbed last year at home, and the person was in our bedroom while we slept and I found him there...and screamed. He ran, I called 911. But the police never found the culprit, and that person has now made me afraid of my own house (can't call it home anymore).

I think I need a vacation.

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

It must be the weather. Too much heat and humidity has made me so tired. I feel like sleeping all the time but I make my self get up and do what I can.

I am most tired of all the politics. The ads on TV, the editorials in the paper on who is right and spending gazillions of money on who needs to be in charge makes me tired. If everyone spent their time working together as hard as they work fighting each other maybe the rest of us would not be so tired of fighting to live.

Beautiful old homes. Can you hear the footsteps still echoing through the house and the call of children at play? So many memories are stored there.

MarthaVA said...

I love the barns! Love your photos all the time.
Sit on your porch with Next with your eyes shut, and picture Enough walking up onto the porch.
When do you see the doctors about your head again?
I am a bit tired of the heat we've been having - 90's and 100s aren't my thing. I'm NOT wishing time away though.
I'm also tired of me being fat and not taking proper care of myself, so I'm working on that.
After being through what I have, I don't wish time away or take each day for granted, I have learned to embrace it, whatever it brings.
Hang in there.

Daryl said...

I am sure he'll show up as well .. not only because of you and L .. but his buddy is there .. so he's coming, he's just taking the long way

What am I tired of .. sigh .. I love my two cats (what? only 2?) but I wish I didnt have to get up 5 in order to make sure Rose eats before I get ready to leave for the office .. Toonman loves her but he wont baby her like I do .. (part of why they are only 2 .. )

messymimi said...

Tired of so many of us having to scrape to get by. Tired of the damage we do to the environment. Tired of people abandoning their animals, and those of us at the animal rescue having to pick up the pieces.

Old houses are sad, so much living went on there, and they speak of good things, but people don't listen and tear them down.

Praying Enough shows up.

Anonymous said...

I am tired of people getting a pet and then putting them on Kijiji because "they dont have the time for them anymore". I am tired of the morons behind us yelling and kicking their dog and just being losers! I wish I could take all these pets away from this heartbreak and just love them!
I had a cat "Mary" who disappeared for two weeks and found her stuck in a tree down the street...she was skinny but oh so happy to be on the ground again! Enough is on his way home....maybe today he will show up!!

Anna M. Branner said...

So tired of this heat. I am so thankful for our AC. But feel a prisoner of it as well. I hate to wish away the summer...but maybe we could have a week in the 80s?

ain't for city gals said...

I try to live in the now so I have to think I am not tired of anything....I am grateful that I can live as I want and take each day as it comes...very very little matters in the long run.

Lona said...

Lovely photos, as always.

I am tired of hoping for rain, and not getting any. And I am tired of being the parent of an adult-child still living under my roof.

thotlady said...

I am tired of all the political ads.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts