Saturday, July 7, 2012

Busy day and a follow up.

I took yesterday off, to go gallivanting with two of my daughters, and their children.  Pictures to come when I have more time.
So this morning, I got myself over to the studio and got busy.

Here is the roll of three rugs, each 4' wide, and hopefully 14 ft long after take up.
I proceeded to pin each end, in preparation for a hem.

I love T pins, the best.

Then off to the sewing machine.  I zigzag each end, after folding it over twice.

An occasional straight pin finds its way into the mix.

Sewing the ends is tricky, since there is so much weight to deal with.   Here is the rest of one piece on the floor while I sew.
We are all set for Monday, when we will put it all together.
And yes, you can go to the Parish house with us.  But you have to play quiet.

And to follow up, I put my mother on the case of 'old pictures'.   I had to confirm to the world, what I already knew.
Here is my father.........a picture he sent to my mother, while she waited in England for the United States government to arrange her emigration.
PLEASE note the WHITE scarf..........tucked in around his neck, the same white scarf in the newsreel....with the black coat.

And here you can see the jaunty way he wore his hat, his black, black hair combed back.
Yup, that's my Dad.
I bet he's chewing gum, too.


Deb said...

These photos are great, Hilary. I love the old black and whites of our loved ones. Pets, too. Your dad looks like he had quite a wit.

Anonymous said...

My dad wore a hat and a long coat like that too. Men were so jaunty looking during those times. Love the photos of your dad!

Dianne said...

he looks like a movie star :)
I love old photos, they're treasures

the entire time I was reading the rug process I kept telling myself that there must be a translate button for folks like me

told ya, I'm just not handy :)
but I do appreciate

Country Girl said...

Cool photos, Hilary. And like Dianne above says, the old photos are treasures.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts