Thursday, July 19, 2012


Sometimes, DH will refer to me as a 'fashion plate'.  It's a joke.
I am not, no way, no how.
I do have some 'nicer' clothes in my closet, that I save for those occasions when it is necessary to dress it up a little.
But it's not my bag really.
And long gone are the days when I worried about how I looked, like I am sure I did back when this photo was taken.

I was seventeen.  Good grief.  That was back when what you wore, how you looked, and how the world perceived you was EVERYTHING.  Remember???
These days I am grateful to be SO over that.
It doesn't move me.
There are so many other things that DO move me, and I want there to be plenty of space for them.  Time becomes so precious when you are old enough to get it.

Like color, and creativity.

 MY family, my friends, my cats, my dog, nature, being active, reading, learning, growing.  WEAVING.

Old things......appreciating them, including old me.

Beauty, cause it's everywhere around you.......and just not necessarily in the mirror.


Deb said...

Really, let's see some photos of how HE dresses. :) Funny, I posted a younger version of me today, too. I still see you in that 17 year old, Hilary. Very pretty. I get what you are saying, too about being released from the panic of always being 'attractive' and a fashion plate. It does feel good to just be who you are, find your style and get on with it. Love the photo of the bed frame. Gorgeous. Give those two wanderers a big hug for me. Deb

Country Girl said...

Beautiful post, my dear. I love how you appreciate what you have and where you are.
You at 17 = cool!!

Daryl said...

totally agree! but i do admit to being hopelessly shallow when it comes to fashion ..

Anonymous said...

AMEN!! Steph in NH

Anonymous said...

I like fashion. It's fun. Like Daryl, fashion can be shallow, but not all of us know how to do the weaving and fabulous things that you can do, so fashion is where we choose to get creative. Now, where did I put that mirror??

Thanks for sharing the 17 year old you with us. You are still beautiful!

Mare said...

Very true. I think i love this time in my life (57) better than ever before, for that very reason. I really don't care as much what others think! :)

Suz T said...

I'm a newbie when it comes to Comments so I hope that I do this corectly. I want to say how much comfort and inspiration I receive every day when I read your blog. We're not all so talented but we all have something that we can give. Thank you for sharing what you have and reminding us of what is important. I'm retired and sometimes worry about a downward spiral into slothness (is that even a word?:) so maybe trying a bit of 'fashion' now and then will help ward that off. That said, I love where I'm at and enjoy my jammies until well into the morning and who really cares if Mr. and Mrs. Dust Bunnie and their children live with me?

Susan Harvey said...

I find I look for the natural beauty around me on a daily basis and it doesn't include people.
Although I do people watch from afar on occasion.

Its quite the mental workout adjusting to the new reality of being older isn't it? Quite often I find myself saying to myself...where did the time go? Why does it pass even faster now? The day can't be over already, I still have do!

I used to dress well and wear makeup. In fact I worked for Clinique cosmetics! Allergies took care of the makeup. Not working and retirement down graded the wardrobe and carrying extra pounds finished off the 'style' factor for what I do wear. I miss the skinny old me, the makeup from time to time but I prefer the mature, more confident me now.

Its a daily inner debate...

My one thing I do to feel a bit younger is I have my hair coloured (ya, I know... but I'm not ready yet)

By the way, my husband said you were a hottie at 17.... and now.
I hope that makes your day :)


Mary said...

I cannot remember how I came across your blog.
I sure am happy I did.

Sondra Van Huss said...

Oh, how I agree. I just the other day added a category to my painting blog defining what I love in life. Husband, my country, home, dogs, my pursuit of my painting and my crafts but never once in several years have I considered fashion to be high on my list but then I spend most of my days sitting at an easel, behind a hooking frame, cleaning house, cooking meals and loving where I am and who I am. How could anyone ask for more? Be who you are, enjoy your life and ignore the rest!

Meta Skoglund said...

You look so nice when you where 17 and its also fine to not care about what you wearing when we are over 50 (I am 53) I think.
Tanks for nice comment on my blog, buy the way, about your try to figure out the green one with the orange x's. the rug is the oposit side of the one I´v showed on my blog den 27:e september 2011 "det blev i alla fall klart i september" (try the tag: rosengång It´s The one with the cat on! but her with the right side up and its rosengång.
Have a nice day/Meta

linda said...


Devon said...

What a beautiful post.. contentment and gratitude are bliss. Now if I could only impart this to my 16 year old daughter!

Sharon said...

Well said. I am so happy to be in a place where I'm not looking back on lost beauty, but in the present. Thanks for the reminder.

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Because every thread counts