Monday, November 8, 2010

Let them eat cake.

Oh, my God. Enough pie already. I just finished off the coconut.
Weight Watch what?
This is my new favorite kitchen gadget.
From november

It swivels on a heavy base, and holds just about every kitchen tool you can imagine. Freed up a whole lot of drawer space, and things are easier to find.
Pampered Chef.
Have had a tooth ache for 3 weeks. Back and forth to the dentist brought no answers and no relief.
So, this morning, a root canal. Now I have always thought that once you had a root canal, the pain was over. Not so. I am in agony, and have been all day.
From november

I guess that's what you could call it.

I did spend some time at the studio. Tried to weave some blue jeans.
From november

I had help. The usual.
From november

It was snowing, and cold outside, and it felt nice to stay in.
From november

I finished these, although I am not sure how.
I love blue jean rugs. I am always impressed with how well they turn out.
From november

But my jaw was aching, and I considered eating some grass, although I really didn't believe Sydney when she said it would help.
From november

So I just went home a little early, crashed on the couch, and here I am.
Hoping that tomorrow is less painful.


Delighted Hands said...

Beautiful rugs.......sorry about he tooth pain-there is nothing like it!

Theresa said...

Toothaches are simply one of the worst niggling things, right up there with actually going to the dentist. My sympathies and I hope you are feeling better today too.

claudia said...

I hope that awful pain is gone today! Nothing worse than toothache pain! I'd be after that dentist to resolve your issue pronto!

Jabberwarpy said...

I hope you feel better! I wonder if a second opinion might be useful?

Country Girl said...

That is the worst pain. That and a bad headache. Hope you're better real quick.

Nancy said...

The blue jean rugs are lovely! Sorry to hear about your toothache. I broke a tooth and now need a crown. But first a root canal. I'm on my third visit and need two more. And the cost will be $2,500!! I'm not kidding!

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Because every thread counts